[My Gang] CocknBullKid - One Eye Closed : Reco of the Week 17 Sept 11


Set 17 2011, 20:56

Track: One Eye Closed
Artist: CocknBullKid
Album: Adulthood (23 May 2011) [Spotify | We7 | mflow]
Tags: , ,
Video: Click the pic...

YouTube, official video

I first wrote about CocknBullKid in August 2009, catching her near enough at the start of her career. She released several tracks under her former name, thecocknbullkid.

The end of this period was marked with a name change and the release of 7" One Eye Closed (Moshi Moshi, 8 Nov 2010), this week's recommended track and my favourite from her debut album, Adulthood.

The track is upbeat, positive and cheerful, with a catchy chorus and a dancey beat. The video is a little silly, but creative with it. Pure pop at its finest.

Her upcoming gig on the 7th of October is brought to you by Last.fm Presents Live Fridays, a new series of nights curated by Last.fm's users, based on what's been listened to on their hype charts.

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Taking place on 7th October at the Relentless Garage in London the night will be headlined by CocknBullKid and supported by Jess Mills and I Am Harlequin culminating in an indie pop tag for the night.

We’ll also have the Last.fm DJs down there spinning some tracks for an indie disco afterwards. We want to offer you a money can’t buy VIP experience at the event. We will kit you out in a VIP area for you and a friend, you will be given the chance to meet CocknBullKid and have this filmed for you to keep. Once you’ve sampled the night of the hottest hype chart music we’ll make sure that you are sent home with a very special goody bag of treats.

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- My Gang

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  • rwitte

    Thanks for reminding me about her :) I enjoyed listening to the track :) Pretty layout too. The text of your article reads too much like a piece of last.fm official hype for my taste. I learned a little about the artist, a little more than I cared for about last.fms new venture and hardly anything about babs. On the other hand my own journal writing has grown irregular of late and my last journal was a not as well planned and executed as I would have liked, so I may be engaging in a game of pot and kettle.

    Set 18 2011, 17:03
  • Babs_05

    thanks, rwitte

    Set 18 2011, 17:16
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