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Mag 30 2011, 11:43

The idea is for a journal for every month listing new albums I listen to and what I think so that when I review the year's music in December, I will have a handy reminder. I will add to this as the month goes on. Suggestions welcome.

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2011 Year-end list contenders

w/c Mon 30 May:

My Morning Jacket - Circuital
The Louisville, KY Southern rock stalwarts are back with the spirit of black metal for their newest album of silo songs. (Spinner)
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Cults - Cults
Following the Brooklyn band's self-released 7", Cults follows up with a shimmering set of summer-ready pop. (Spinner)
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Death Cab for Cutie - Codes and Keys (3voor12)

Thurston Moore - Demolished Thoughts
We7 |

Robert Pollard - Lord of the Birdcage
The prolific Guided by Voices frontman's newest solo effort sees pre-written poems laden across shoegaze and indie rock landscapes. (Spinner)
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Eddie Vedder - Ukulele Songs
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Blondie - Panic of Girls
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Kitty, Daisy & Lewis - Smoking in Heaven
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Arctic Monkeys - Suck It and See

The Vaccines - What Did You Expect from The Vaccines?
The British buzzband employs the GQ cool of Interpol with light-hearted yet strong songwriting. (Spinner)
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Black Lips - Arabia Mountain
The Atlantia, G.A. garage rockers get sunny and summery for this new record of brash and fun tunes reminiscent of The Stooges. (Spinner)
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Ocote Soul Sounds - Taurus
The Austin soul instrumentalists' fourth album greets junkyard funk with a positive and sun-soaked sound. (Spinner)
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The Black Swans - Don't Blame the Stars
Columbus, Ohio's Jerry DeCicca and Co. makes this contemplative record of one part psychfolk and two parts mutton-chops. (Spinner)
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Hospital Ships - Lonely Twin
The Lawrence, KS psych-rockers' debut is an intense trip through Midwestern folk, creeping psycadelia and sunshine pop. (Spinner)
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The Macrotones - First Signs of Danger
The Boston afro-funk collective's latest LP shows off an impressive array of organ-based grooves. (Spinner)
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w/c Mon 06 June:

David Bowie - Golden Years EP
The rocker's iconic song gets the remix treatment from four of KCRW radio's premiere DJs alongside the launch of the song's iPad remix app. (Spinner)
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GIVERS - In Light
Lafayette, Louisiana based indie-poppers' debut record combines a perfect mix of shimmering pop and summer-strong songs. (Spinner)
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The Middle East - I Want That You Are Always Happy
The Australian troubadours release their debut record full of timeless and consistently heartfelt modern folk music. (Spinner)
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Peter Murphy - Ninth
The lead singer of ground-breaking new wave band Bauhas releases this solo album of English experimental rock. (Spinner)
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The Wooden Birds - Two Matchsticks
Former American Analog Set frontman Andrew Kenny and Matt Pond PA break out the acoustic guitars for this genuine alternative folk record. (Spinner)
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Emmy the GreatVirtue
On repeat. Absolutely wonderful.

Tedeschi Trucks Band - Revelator
Susan Tedeschi and Derek Trucks team up for a record of fuzzed out delta-blues, huge electric ensembles and soulful songwriting. (Spinner)
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Human League - Credo

Duran Duran - All You Need Is Now

City and Colour - Little Hell
The Canadian artist's latest record explores the high and hellish moments of a relationship and features more of the intricate rock that made the 2009 Juno winner for Songwriter of the Year a platinum artist in his native Canada. (Spinner)
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Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. - It's A Corporate World
The Motor City duo's debut record showcases electronic backbeats with an indie-pop songwriting perspective. (Spinner)
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Bedouin Soundclash - Light The Horizon
The Canadian ska group's fourth release establishes the band's roots in island pop and indie-punk mentality. (Spinner)
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Dawes - Nothing Is Wrong
The Los Angeles folk rockers' sophomore effort plays like a live album, loose yet tight, because it was honed onstage over the band's lengthy tours. (Spinner)
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Mike Bloom - King Of Circles
The Los Angeles singer-songwriter and member of Julian Casablanca's touring band releases his solo debut of charming indie-pop. (Spinner)
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Brian Olive - Two Of Everything
Co-produced by Dan Auerbach of the Black Keys, Olive's debut record mixes the big brass sound of the Band and the edgy blues of T. Rex. (Spinner)
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Almost Free - In / Out
The Michigan-based indie-leaning electro poppers' debut release surveys math rock and polished songwriting all on the same heavy-hitting record. (Spinner)
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The Coathangers - Larceny and Old Lace
The Atlanta girl-group quartet grooves choppy garage rock and bitter lyrics on the band's latest release. (Spinner)
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Country Mice - Twister
Jason Rueger and his Brooklyn posse break ties with New York rock and embrace the homeward-bound alternative folk of their Midwestern roots. (Spinner)
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Daniel Isaiah - High Twilight
The Montreal-born singer-songwriter's debut focuses on analog low-end and rustic, organic chord-scapes. (Spinner)
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Data Romance - Data Romance
The Vancouver duo's debut EP combines the theatrical sound design of top-tier Hollywood films and the alternative darkness of electropop. (Spinner)
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Elisapie Isaac - There Will Be Stars
Drawing from the singer's youth in the insolated community of Salluit, Nunavik, the record boasts icy orchestrals coupled with the Inuk singer's warming vocals. (Spinner)
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Jill Andrews - The Mirror
The Knoxville, Tn. chanteuse features rich and endearing autumnal country folk on her latest release. (Spinner)
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Lauren Shera - Once I Was A Bird
The California-based folk singer's latest ventures into the Appalachian sound, coupled with the smoothed edges of Irish traditionalism. (Spinner)
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matt bauer - The Jessamine County Book Of The Living
The subversive and dark orchestral undertones of Bauer's latest is dually cinematic and beautifully written. (Spinner)
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Nick 13 - Nick 13
The Tiger Army and AFI contributor releases this surprising collection of driving pedal steel alternative country. (Spinner) Great, with some truly gorgeous moments.
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Oneida - Absolute II
The Brooklyn based art rockers dabble in repetitive bouts with distortion and psychedelic sound collages. (Spinner)
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Ryan Driver - Who's Breathing
The Toronto, Ontario singer-songwriter takes jazz to new realms by blending dissonance and sultry piano on this unique album. (Spinner)
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Velvet Monkeys - Everything is Right
Don Fleming -- producer of notable Sonic Youth, Pete Yorn and Hole records -- fronts this band of ragtag, experimental punk. (Spinner)
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Marissa Nadler - Marissa Nadler
The Boston-based singer's latest breaks bread with Kate Bush and Beach House while staying wistfully acoustic. (Spinner)
TLOBF review http://www.thelineofbestfit.com/2011/06/marissa-nadler-marissa-nadler/
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w/c Mon 13 June:

Vetiver - The Errant Charm
Andy Cabic and co. further their brand of indie folk rock with their latest record that's sure to get you moving to these down-home grooves. (Spinner)
BBC review http://www.bbc.co.uk/music/reviews/cgq4
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Elephant Revival - Break in the Clouds
The Colorado five-piece showcases fantastic harmonies, melancholy mandolin and washboard transcendental folk on the band's latest effort. (Spinner)
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John Shannon & Wings Of Sound - Songs Of The Desert River
The New York-based troubadour jams six strings of wrought iron folk while exploring the dry basin of a desert waterway. (Spinner)
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Woods - Sun & Shade
The Brooklyn-based folk rock outfit's fifth album is a pleasing mix of summery lo-fi and throwback tape deck jams. (Spinner)
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Smoke Fairies - Through Low Light And Trees
British duo Katherine Blamire and Jessica Davies' latest full-length teeters between hypnotic folk hymns and chilling prairie rock. (Spinner)
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Botanical Bullets - We Bleed Fluorescent
The New Jersey electronic group's latest EP invokes J Dilla and highly stylized noise rock. (Spinner) Free download of the EP http://www.botanicalbullets.com/
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Dananananaykroyd - There Is A Way
The difficult-to-spell Glasgow band's latest record takes the grit of early Weezer, the pop prowess of Kaiser Cheifs and collides it into a wall of fight-rock. (Spinner)
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Garland Jeffreys - The King of In Between
The Brooklyn-based singer-songwriter's newest release is reminiscent of Ricki Lee Jones with big brass backup and soulful singing. (Spinner)
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The Phoenix Foundation - Buffalo
Using mathy riffs and whirling vocals, the New Zealand rockers' latest recording surveys the cinematic while holding true to an indie-pop aesthetic. (Spinner) Good.
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w/c Mon 20 June:

Bon Iver - Bon Iver
The Wisconsin folk megalith releases another record of fine songwriting and dark soundscapes. (Spinner)
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Gomez - Whatever's On Your Mind
The English band's 7th studio album sees the band in true stride with classic rock style, brass accompaniment and highly memorable songs. (Spinner)
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Viva Voce - The Future Will Destroy You
The Portland duo's latest full-length showcases the group's knack for psychedelia and melody-laden choruses. (Spinner)
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Bo-Keys - Got to Get Back
Inspired by Booker T and the MGs and other pioneers of the '70s funk sound, Scott Bomar teams up with some of Memphis, TN's best musicians for a record of uncompromising soul. (Spinner)
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Bobby - Bobby
The avante-folk Massachusetts-based band's debut takes you on a cinematic journey through the woods of a spooky songscape. (Spinner)
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The Antlers - Burst Apart
Sunday Times album of the week, last week. 4/5. Beautiful.
We7 | Spotify | mflow | MySpace

Scott Matthew - Gallantry's Favorite Son
Listened because I thought it was Scott Matthews. But no. A pleasant discovery. Bit Davie Bowie-ish in places, along with something else.
We7 | Spotify | mflow | MySpace

Butcher The Bar - For Each A Future Tethered
Taking cues from the breathy vocals of Elliot Smith and the folk instrumentation of Sufjan Stevens, Joel Nicholson's latest achieves a great indie pop balance. (Spinner)
We7 | Spotify | mflow | MySpace

BeachesBeaches - FourFour
Free EP http://beachesbeaches.bandcamp.com/album/fourfour
We7 | Spotify | mflow | MySpace


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    Your writing has gotten worse Babs! (Eddie Vedder, liked his Into the Wild soundtrack)

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