[My Gang] Hercules and Love Affair – My House : Reco of the Week 25 Jan 11


Gen 25 2011, 15:38

Track: My House [ Hype Machine ]
Artist: Hercules and Love Affair
Album: Blue Songs (Moshi Moshi, 31 Jan 11) [Full stream: The Guardian]
Tags: , , ,
Video: Click the pic...

YouTube, official video

I saw this video the day The Guardian posted it on 5th January and ran away, sharpish. I hated it. Good tune, though.

There isn't anything much lyrically in 'My House', it's all in the energy and the beat. If you like dance music, this is incredibly addictive.

However, I wasn't expecting anything quite so faithful to the early 90s from the video, although really, why was I surprised. I didn't know about the ad break till today, I'd stopped watching by that point. More blasts from the past and, for some reason, somewhat disturbing.

So it was with slight trepidation that I approached the new album. I saved it till I was ready and listened from a distance, turning the volume down low, all set to be disturbed again. And was left puzzled. The rest of the album isn't like 'My House'. It's not even what I expected.

The style Hercules and Love Affair established previously, 70s disco merged with early 90s house infused with dark morbidity, is developed further but not in any way you would anticipate. There are odd changes of tempo and mood, the dark bits recess further so you chase after them to find out what they are, only to be assailed by bubbly, bright bits that come after you. You're divided. So, one minute you're listening deeply, the next split-second, you're on your feet, whooping. It's not all handed to you on a plate.

All together, I think I'm looking at a contender for my top ten of 2011 list, if not top five. I am both repelled and intrigued - a good sign as it means this isn't just your average fare.

I first wrote about Hercules and Love Affair in January 2008 when they, once again, started a new year with their unique body of work, setting a tone and whetting appetites. Their eponymous debut landed in March. I said that was dark. 'Blue Songs' is darker. Again we have the contrast of upbeat dance against melancholic themes.

The nod to the work of Billie Ray Martin is still there, whose dry, almost monotonous voice with minimal vocal flourishes does the exact opposite of disco divas. Alongside her is the new influence of Grace Jones.

Last time, they called it . Since then, we got . I'll wait and see what the latest description is. 'Disgusting but good' will do me for now.


- My Gang

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  • rwitte

    Nice article, thanks. I agree with your assessment: "Hit Man & Her" anyone?

    Gen 26 2011, 10:10
  • Babs_05

    Hit Man & Her! Forgot all about that. I watched it by accident one night and it became a guilty pleasure after that. :) Thanks, rwitte.

    Gen 26 2011, 19:04
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