[My Gang] Animal Collective - Bluish : Reco of the Week 05 Oct 2010


Ott 5 2010, 17:52

Track: Bluish
Artist: Animal Collective
Album: Merriweather Post Pavilion (Domino, Jan 2009)
Tags: , , , ,
Video: Click the pic...

YouTube, official video

Animal Collective's Avey Tare is due to release his debut album, Down There, towards the end of this month. You can hear and download the lead single, Lucky 1, from Pitchfork now, released yesterday.

(Source: Pitchfork)

Also out now is the new video for a track from last year's Merriweather Post Pavilion by Animal Collective for the track Bluish. It's blue! It features sparkles and stars and bellydance bras and girls who disappear in bubbles of smoke.

I'm getting lost in your curls
I'm getting crushed out on the things that only I should see

The boys of the band play Casper under lit sheets whilst swirling ribbons and scarves mesmerise in reverse. The bellydancer is ninja, the lights are black and everyone's a star.

The credits for the video are: (from YouTube)
Director: Jason Oliver Goodman
Assistant Director: Marymichael D'Onofrio
Producer: Andy Carlson
DP: Doug Emmett
Editor: Joe Kriksciun
Compositing and coloring: Alex Arce
Stylist: Keeva Halferty
Dancer: Taryn Look
Art Department: Amy Henry and Gail Stoicheff
Bubble Artist: ChelseaTran of Gazillion Bubble Show
Gaffer: TJ Alston
Key Grip: Chad Battinelli
AC: Johnny Sousa

I have recommended from this album before. I haven't played it yet this year. Revisiting now, it's like relaxing with an old friend.


- My Gang

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  • rwitte

    Nice song. Indescribably breathtaking psychedelic visuals. thank you for this

    Ott 7 2010, 19:57
  • Babs_05

    Thanks, rwitte.

    Ott 7 2010, 21:40
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