draft - A Handy Survival Guide For The New-Look Last.fm


Lug 23 2008, 16:23


I'm waiting for someone to write a more extensive survival guide myself. In the meantime, here's a handy overview. Don't worry, you're not the only one wondering where to find your Home page, and I was there for beta testing!


All pages have sidebars that replace the old tabs. A lot of information has been reorganised.

You might not notice, but if you look top right, see your name and a mini avatar? See the little triangle? Click on that, see what happens.... I know!! Who knew?! lol To be honest, I keep forgetting it's there. Don't worry, you don't really need it. Phew, huh?

If you use Firefox, Ctrl +F will help you search in page, if you want to find something quickly in my journal.

Staff, look away now.... If all the white is blinding your eyes, this might help. I toggle between this and the new view. I RIP'd the Player on my Profile but kept everything else.


Click on the Last.fm logo, top left for:
- Home
- Recommended (Last.fm recos)
- Inbox
- Settings
* Pending Friends requests
* Free mp3s according to your taste in Personalised Podcasts
* Events according to your tastes via the Recommended tab
* Videos - ....... ditto .....
* Music reco'd by Last.fm - absolutely superb. Now you don't have to wait and establish your taste to start listening. Add your artists and you're good to go. If you're already established, you can make changes to the type of recos you get by adding new artistst. The Library is updated immediately. Last.fm Recommended Music is linked back to your Library.

** click on your name in Hi <user> above the Library pics to get back to your Profile


* Reply Tracker returns! Find it on your Posts page
* Inbox - now in your Home page. Click on the Last.fm logo top left.

* Posts - a makeshift Grapevine. No, it doesn't show if you have replies (yet).

* Shoutbox - click on the 'X shouts' next to your avatar to jump down. No there's no jump back up I'm afraid.

* Journal - to write a new one, click on the Journal link first, in the sidebar.

* Activity Feed - please note, they are set to Private only for 2 weeks from go live (17 July). After 2 weeks, everyone's will default to public. If you do not wish for people to see your recent activity, set your preferences in Settings / Privacy.

* Recos from friends now appear as PMs.
I'm not getting on with that too well so if you want to reco me something, I'd prefer a shout, please. Thank you kindly. :)

* Forums, Contact, etc are still at the bottom of the page. I know, some people have white text on white. Rest assured, it's all still there.

I haven't finished yet....


Adding to Playlist

* if you want to select a Playlist, it's best to click on the gears in the page. The Player does not yet have an option to send to a Playlist, and the Client hasn't been updated, so it will only send to the Playlist on your Profile.

* you can't yet select which Playlist you want on your page. Giving Playlists new titles is a buggy too.


* work in progress. Biggest improvement is the dropdown menu next to the search bar so you can choose straight off if you want to search for a tag for instance, instead of heading for the big search bar we used to have. (Which was absolutely fantastic and I hope returns). 'Music' should mean artists and albums but search results aren't much better than before - you still can't find Beck's new album, Modern Guilt, by normal means. You have to go hunting for it: I went to Beck, clicked on Gamma Ray because I know it's on there, scrolled down, clicked on the album: http://www.last.fm/music/Beck/Modern+Guilt


* when you add an artist, everything of theirs should play
* in instances of multiple artists with the same name, just grab the albums you want
* if you add just one track by an artist, only that track will play
* when you delete an artist/album/etc from your library it also removes them from your chart.


* Similar Artists Radio - in the lower half of the Player, top right on every artist page
* When listening to an album in the Player, the next track is indicated in text at the top

Ideas that WILL be added in the future
Frequently Asked Questions
Known Issues


  • Babs_05

    I think the heat's getting to me. right click user based drop nav?

    Lug 23 2008, 17:00
  • paulrichardcook

    Reply Tracker went live this morning.

    Lug 23 2008, 21:05
  • paulrichardcook

    Incredible. You must have updated this entry as I was writing my comment!

    Lug 23 2008, 21:06
  • Babs_05

    No, it was already there. I put it there a few hours ago. How odd it only just showed! :O

    Lug 23 2008, 21:22
  • hayden_is_a_go

    Are the grapevine and reply trackers only available to paying members or can we common folk access them too? There's the distinct possibility that I'm just looking in all of the wrong places.

    Lug 24 2008, 13:16
  • Babs_05

    I got caught out on this one too, Hayden. See next to your avatar there's some text? See 'Posts'? Click on that. If it doesn't work, flag it in forums. :)

    Lug 24 2008, 13:50
  • evilpandawrath

    The reply tracker has returned at last and for that I'm grateful. I am in no way happy about it now being public though. There's a reason I've hidden my Activity Feed, after all.

    Lug 24 2008, 16:56
  • Babs_05

    Apparently, it has always been public. I only realised it wasn't last night. :(

    Lug 24 2008, 17:39
  • evilpandawrath

    You know what else is bugging me about it? The complete lack of improvement they appear to have made to anything. I can't get rid of useless threads ("What are you listening to RIGHT NOW?!" I actually really don't care anymore please stop appearing every 5 minutes) and how journal posts still don't like appearing in there for me either.

    Lug 24 2008, 18:37
  • Babs_05

    Reply Tracker is just for now. They're working on an improved model.

    Lug 24 2008, 19:36
  • evilpandawrath

    Oh, that's good to know. I'd have been seriously pissed if they'd thought to pass that off as "new and improved". I suppose it's better they take their time with the updates and make them work first time round instead of rushing them out.

    Lug 24 2008, 19:47
  • Babs_05

    data bug: http://www.last.fm/forum/21713/_/441180/1#f6989851

    Ago 1 2008, 22:48
  • Bardhlul

    Thanks for the guide! I've figured out most of this on my own, but it's nice to know someone has taken the trouble to put it in one place. I like the uniformity of navigation especially in the artist pages. Previously if you went to albums, for example, there was no easy way to get back to the main page. *nods to evilpandawrath* Let's let them get this round of updates sorted and see what comes next. IMO some of the whining (not here but elsewhere) smacks of entitlement at best. ("What have those @#$% done to my precious last.fm?!?!?") Did they rush the new version? Probably. Is it perfect? No. Was the old version perfect? *cough* No. Now back to more important things such as what the Brangelina twins look like and where Bret Favre will play next season.

    Ago 10 2008, 13:49
  • Babs_05

    lol! I was wondering what the Brangelina twins look like too! Oh how certain matters weigh on my mind. ;) No idea who Bret Favre is, sounds like a character from a Jilly Cooper novel. Someone smooth, suave, sophisticated, with a yacht in the Med and a cool billion in the bank...

    Ago 10 2008, 14:02
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