Scott Walker - 30 Century Man (UK only)


Feb 9 2008, 21:04

Scott Walker 30 Century Man (100 mins)

If you're in the UK and you missed this film/documentary about Scott Walker on first showing, it was on BBC4 again last night and scheduled for tonight too. You can watch it 'again' online for seven days after transmission. (Click on the poster to go to the BBC site)

In part, it's a history of his life and work, from when he started out as Scott Engel at the age of 13, through his career with The Walker Brothers to today. Comments from talking heads include David Bowie, Brian Eno, Jarvis Cocker, Lulu, Marc Almond, Johnny Marr, Damon Albarn, Radiohead, Alison Goldfrapp, Ute Lemper, Richard Hawley, Dot Allison and Scott Walker himself.

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  • champersnova

    He is a legend! Hopelessly hope, they bring this to town in the next indie fest.

    Feb 9 2008, 23:45
  • Babs_05

    Try and get it from your nearest DVD store. It really is an astonishing film. When I've finished watching it (again), I think I might make a list of featured tracks and any associated video clips in YouTube. I don't know if that would interest anyone but it would certainly interest me.

    Feb 10 2008, 0:32
  • champersnova

    Babs, it will be in the Independent Film Festival next week. Just got my ticket for 22nd February. Can't wait! :-D And I'd be interested too!

    Feb 11 2008, 13:27
  • Babs_05

    That's great! I was watching the BAFTAs last night and it was nominated for an award! It didn't win, but it deserved to. You're so lucky to be able to watch on a big screen.

    Feb 11 2008, 13:30
  • Babs_05

    Link to official blog Looks like we've just missed the big screenings in the UK.

    Feb 11 2008, 15:59
  • champersnova

    Oh, I missed BAFTAs. With or without award I am sure a Walker doc would be a winner all around! P.S. Just had a look at the winners. This Is England = Masterpiece!!

    Feb 12 2008, 1:19
  • Babs_05

    'This Is England' definitely looks good. I've got 'Clara' (12:43 mins)in the February Streamers playlist, if you're interested. It's not available in I'm glad I found it online. I don't know if people outside the UK can see this, but there's a clip from the film that was used in the BBC documentary on him as part of the 'Imagine' strand. It's the clip about the making of 'Clara' (3:21 mins).

    Feb 13 2008, 0:07
  • champersnova

    Nice 12.43 of magic. Cheers! I think I am going to put the album on now. The video is available only for the users inside the UK, unfortunately. Googled on youtube either. No chance. Oh well..

    Feb 13 2008, 23:40
  • Babs_05

    Sorry. Maybe some rogue whizzkid will work out how to nab it off the BBC and put it on YouTube. Not that the BBC would ever allow it to stay up there. It's the most memorable bit of footage you'll ever watch. You'll see when you watch the film... (don't want to spoil it). :) Have you heard his songs for Ute Lemper? I am utterly in love with them, they're so beautiful. Scary, and sometimes I wish the scary bits didn't go on for so long, but then the euphoric bits... completely wow. I've always loved her anyway, but in these songs, she's amazing. The album's called 'Punishing Kiss', where she sings songs by people like Nick Cave, Divine Comedy et al. It came out in 2000. I have to buy it.

    Feb 13 2008, 23:56
  • psuedonympho

    From the bbc site-amazing [quote]Scott Walker’s most recent album The Drift, contains songs inspired by real events, or political ideas. One song, Jesse, seems to juxtapose the death of Elvis’s twin brother Jesse with the destruction of the twin towers. Watch Walker in rehearsal for the track Clara, which features a percussionist punching a slab of raw pork. The song's based on the execution of the Italian dictator, Benito Mussolini, when the fascist leader’s mistress, Claretta Petacci insisted on dying with him, and Walker recounts memories of seeing newsreel footage of their bodies strung up by their heels as a child. [/quote]

    Feb 19 2008, 2:18
  • Babs_05

    Thanks for the post, psuedonympho. I almost chose Clara for my reco of the week last week, but it's such a challenging, difficult piece, I decided against. I first heard it a couple of years ago and I found it upsetting. More so when I found this great journal that analysed it : here. In the film, Scott Walker allowed cameras in the studio for the first time and we get to see him record Clara. We see a man punch a big piece of pork, bits of flesh flying off with each blow. As if the music wasn't horrific enough. I deleted Clara from my iTunes after a few plays in 2006 and didn't listen again till now. After all this time, the horror isn't as bad and I notice the sadness more.

    Feb 19 2008, 2:53
  • Jim_Lithium

    Just watched this last week. A great documentary about a great musician. I was first introduced to Scott sometime last year and he has quickly skyrocketed to one of my very favorite artists. :)

    Mar 4 2008, 5:38
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