[My Gang] Goldfrapp - Cologne Cerrone Houdini : Reco of the Week - 28 Nov 07


Nov 28 2007, 23:33

Artist: Goldfrapp
Track: Cologne Cerrone Houdini

Click to hear Cologne Cerrone Houdini

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My Gang reco of the week this week is this new track from Goldfrapp's forthcoming album, - Seventh Tree, leaked on the net in the last few days. There isn't much more information around yet. My friend IanAR has captured everything there is in his journals (as linked). See here for the track listing.

The track - Cologne Cerrone Houdini - is gorgeous. It takes you back to Felt Mountain only this time, it's sexier, taking inspiration from Serge Gainsbourg-style pop. The opening bars are pure Je t'aime...moi non plus and in fact, the first half of the song stays in that realm. Later on, it veers off into Goldfrapp-land, with Alison's vocals taking you with her.

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  • Babs_05

    Thanks for your comment, minxyminou. I haven't heard the album yet, looking forward to it.

    Nov 30 2007, 13:17
  • IanAR

    This audio became available following a leak to P2P. I guess the leak was down to slack folk, who were sent pre-releases, for video making or remix purposes - or insecure transmission-to or storage-at these destinations. EMI the Great have heroically managed to quash the streamable copy that Babs linked - Huzzah! Babs - I'm sure they've put a cheque in the post to you, for highlighting the existence of this menacing ripple ;)

    Dic 8 2007, 21:28
  • Babs_05

    EMI noticed me? HAH! :D:D:D No cheque, unfortunately.

    Dic 9 2007, 1:16
  • Anrky

    I want to compare it to something on Felt Mountain but it's so much much more... I've been left mostly speechless.

    Dic 9 2007, 5:22
  • IanAR

    [list=A][li]Gosh, I'm far from saying anything so dramatic, but failed to listen to it often enough, or loud enough - while it was streamable - to draw your certainty of conclusion Dax. The lyrics certainly sounded intriguing and I look forward to giving them more attention - I guess, I'm now waiting for my promo' copy. For me FT harked back to Alison's work with Spacer (Luke Gordon's a bit of god, in my eyes). Whereas, by comparison, what I remember of [i]Cologne Cerrone Houdini[/i]'s much more smooth/chill, with all the lovely abrasive corners knocked off :( More like something Zero 7 (a patchy, and occasionally jazzy, band, IMO), than anything in Spacer / Jazzanova / Nuspirit Helsinki league of cross rhythmic / harmonic guile - as you might gather, I'm far from being a [i]carte blanche[/i] fan of chill-out musak. , yes - , excuse me while I chew my own ears off :P[/li][li]Hurry-up and join the Alison Goldfrapp group.[/li][li]OT: Did you do a write-up the latest Delerium album? You were gagging for it, some months ago - I was looking forward to your impressions.[/li][/list]Hope you're well - Best, Ian[sub] My.Mashable.com/Scrawl[/sub]

    Dic 9 2007, 14:09
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