Interactive Video: Arcade Fire - Neon Bible


Ott 10 2007, 3:51

Quite possibly the coolest video I've ever seen is the interactive one for Arcade Fire for Neon Bible.

Click on the screen and control what Win Butler does with his hands, or click on his face and watch it disappear in a puff of smoke. (!!)

Go play here.

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  • Pixieguts

    Wow - that's unreal! Watched it through twice and got very different results with mucking around with the options. You can problably get quite good at moving him around in various ways if you keep exploring and learn the options. I certainly saw more and different things happening the second time I played with it. Very, very cool - thanks for that!!!

    Ott 11 2007, 2:10
  • Babs_05

    Hehe, you're welcome, Pixieguts, and thanks for the comment. I had great fun making him drown! Then I whacked his hands all over the place and made him juggle. I didn't believe it was all that interactive at first, not until I started attacking him. ;D

    Ott 11 2007, 2:13
  • Pixieguts

    I see Babs has a vicious side! I was playing with light beams and water and flipping the cards, lol! Lameo pixies!

    Ott 11 2007, 3:59
  • Babs_05

    LOL! Errrr... ;D Did you try to predict the cards? I did. They're a different spread everytime you play the video. *might have got a bit obsessive*

    Ott 11 2007, 4:04
  • Pixieguts

    Lmao, what play count are you up to?

    Ott 12 2007, 1:15
  • Babs_05

    Count?? Hehe, no, no, no - no counting! (lost track after 'a few'). ;D

    Ott 12 2007, 1:30
  • Pixieguts

    Lol!!! I've gone crazy over Fugdale from Seattle tonight and this is his interactive site - just change the covers, it made me laugh :) Fugdale Interactive Site

    Ott 13 2007, 11:08
  • Babs_05

    Thanks for the link to the Fugdale interactive site, Pixieguts. Definitely addictive! : ) Glad you liked it, ionbulgar. : )

    Ott 16 2007, 1:54
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