One Country, One Idol, and One Boring Night: A Review of AI5's Top 9


Apr 25 2006, 21:55

BSE, You sure are terrible are writing reviews. Trust me...I know, as I sit here 24 hour hours before I fail a Biology exam, I figured I might as well finally write my review for the top 9 before I head off into hours of endless sleeping studying in the library. Last week, I actually got a lot of responses...all 0 of them (thanks to everyone who read it though). In fact, I didn't even know people read AI5 Show Recaps past that Thursday. :o So thanks goal is respond to more reviews as well, starting tonight. :P My Goal #2 is to finish my Top 8 review on Thursday or Friday as well. I'm really hoping I can do that (especially now that was shut down). So anywho, let's get this started!

Ah, get out your BBQ and deep-fried Oreos because it's country night over at American Idol. Yup, it seems three seasons in a row wasn't enough for a country theme, so they just had to make it four! I'm sure this had nothing to do with the fact that last year's winner was a southern blonde country singer whom Simon loved (Whoa, is this The Twilight Zone or something?) I don't know what to expect this week because first off...I don't know that much about country music except for the fact that Dolly Parton is my hero (or heroes...take your pick)! And secondly, last week sucked so much, I lost faith in even some of the better contestants. Either way, nothing could be worse than last week last night...except for maybe Colin Farrell's sex tape. :o >.<

01. Take Me Home, Country Roads Takin' us home just as the show begins is Taylor Hicks with the West Virginia state song "Take Me Home, Country Roads". Yeah, whatever producer decided to all of a sudden not show the song title at the bottom of the screen on the one week I don't know any of the songs need to burn with the cameraman, now. You had to make BSE go all the way to the idolonfox website to look it up - not cool. And yeah, Taylor was pretty uninspiring tonight...if he were on The Apprentice (hold crap I just realized Taylor kind of looks like The Donald), he'd be told to sell the song like product and he didn't do that. I've been to West Virginia - stopped at a Taco Bell once - and Taylor doesn't wanna make me go back. In fact, I want to be far, far away from Harrisonburg.
Grade: C

02. Any Man of Mine Continuing next with the 29-year-olds is Mandisa! Once again, I am failed to be impressed with her average rendition of "Any Man of Mine"...not that I know the original like the back of my hand or anything. Actually, I really don't know the back of my hand very well...but that's another story for another review. There's really not that much to say except that it sucked for Manidsa's standards. I guess she struggles with country...anyone remember "Cry"? Sure, that sounded good right after the show...but go back and take a's simply not the best. She's got the personality for country...just not the right song choice.
Grade: C

03. If Tomorrow Never Comes It's that time in our broadcast to award Best Song Choice! Tonight, the winner is Elliott Yamin singing the Garth Brooks tearjerker "If Tomorrow Never Comes". Honestly, I loved everything about this performance...he did everything right. It was by far the most heartfelt performance of the season, where you just stand there...and sing with your heart, not your voice. It was a lot like Theresa Sokyrka's "Song For A Winter's Night" for those of you who are familiar with it. Elliott got the lyrics and took Kenny Roger's advice to try and make the audience cry. It worked on me; I haven't cried that much since Kellie sang "Blame It On The Sun". Really outstanding stuff from feel free to disagree but I say it was one of the best of the season so far. :P
Grade: A

04. How Do I Live How can we live without Paris Bennett? Before all you non-fans prepare an answer for that...know that I was just transitioning into the next song...which is surprisingly hard to do. Anyhow, as you probably know, Paris went with one of two songs I knew all night..."How Do I Live". I actually really like the song...when it's done correctly. Paris got it about half right. In terms of technicality, she nailed it, but vocally it was a little bit of a struggle. So I'm in-between what the judges said. Speaking of which...I hate the AI audience...hate them, hate them. >.< They won't even let a judge ever speak...they're so annoying. It's almost as if there are "Boo" and "Scream As Obnoxious As You Can" sings to tell them what to do. I can't wait for one week when they're actually normal. O.o
Grade: C+

05. Tonight I Want to Cry Right in the middle of the bunch is Ace Young? Going back to songs BSE doesn't know, Ace is singing "Tonight I Want To Cry". Must. Refrain. From. Making. Joke. Listening back, it actually wasn't as bad as I'd first was actually okay...which is very shocking, I know. But still, it's not as good as it can be. Plus, the falsetto thing is getting quite annoying and monotonous (Did I spell that right? Psssht...what do I care?). And this is the point in the show I start to feel every song is the same one...just a different singer. And believe me...that'll continue as the night goes on. ;)
Grade: B-

06. Fancy Why is it so hard to think of a simple intro?! Well, there ya have it...that's me getting ready to talk about Kellie Pickler. This week, singing - wow, wow - a country song, Kellie brings out the moves with "Fancy". It was one of Kellie's better performances actually, but to me, I felt like I've heard that before from Kellie. Maybe other people can distinguish country music the way I can with rock songs, because I'm really not hearing much of a difference musically in all the songs tonight. Kellie's high notes were...questionable...but the rest was decent. I can't stand the singing accent still...I guess that's why I'm not a fan of a lot of current country songs. Plus, she said "white trash" so bonus points for her. :)
Grade: B

07. Making Memories of Us Trying to recover from last week, Chris Daughtry up next with the country song "Making Memories of Us". At first, I thought it was okay, but after taking a few listens again, I quickly learned that it is quite addictive. I didn't really realize how good of a country voice Chris actually that was a pleasant surprise and I thought it was one of the lesser cheesy country songs I've heard tonight so yay for that as well. Yeah, that's pretty much it...still not hearing much of a difference in song so I'll give Chris a B, but when it's gonna come to choosing between Kellie and Chris...I'm gonna choose Chris. Bum BUm BUM!
Grade: B

08. Bringing Out the Elvis Bringing out the Elvis in the competition next is Katharine McPhee singing, of course, "Bringing Out The Elvis". I've noticed Chris and Katharine have gone one after another for the past few weeks, much like Lisa and Screech. So, Katharine is like Kelly and Chris is like....Mr. Belding? This week, I thought it was a good song choice for Katharine...although songs with Elvis in the title really shouldn't be sung on 'Idol'. I'm forever scarred by Lindsey in the top 20 last year with Elvis-titled songs. I thought she was reaching too hard on the refrain, but overall, I kind of liked it. Like Elliott, she adapted pretty well.
Grade: B+

09. Best I Ever Had So remember all those good things I said about Bucky Covington last week? Well, everything I liked about that performance, he completely forget with "Best I Ever Had". Despite the fact that he was "supposed" to do well this week...I just didn't really like it. Plus, I like the Vertical Horizon version a lot just seemed like he was trying to be country instead of just being country. Therefore, I was unimpressed with Bucky this week, even if it was Country week. And with that, another lackluster week comes to an end. Finally. And note to producers...please no Country theme for Idol 6. :)) I'm still waiting for 80's week. :P
Grade: C

Top 3: Chris, Elliott, Katharine
Bottom 3: Bucky, Mandisa, Taylor

Yup, once again...I have nothing to really say about the results. I didn't see Kenny Rogers perform and I think my life is over because of it. I also missed the non-existent group performance and a probably terribly cheesy Ford commercial. Speaking of which, does anyone remember the Season 2 commercials...when they were actually good?! So all the first-time bottom three-ers were Elliott Yamin, Mandisa, and Paris Bennett. Kind of surprising since they've never been there, but then again, the night was so boring, it wasn't that surprising (though I still feel Elliott had the best performance). Out of the bottom three, Mandisa should have left, but out of the top 9, I think she should've been safe but you win some and then you lose some. Mandisa was either really good or not so good and she left on a not so good performance, causing her departure. I enjoyed the good Mandisa performances and I still like her and her personality. But yay for Elliott being safe! w00t!

So, another Tuesday, another review. Hope you enjoyed it this time as well. Hopefully, I'll get the top 8 one up ASAP depending how much time I have (it takes a couple hours to write one of these things, you know). So, I'll see you for Queen week (which I'm extremely excited for). But until then, I'm off to study!

Until next time,



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