• Jamie Foxx - "Blame It"

    Giu 7 2009, 15:13

    Ever hear a song so ridiculously stupid that is comes full circle and becomes genius? That's what Jaime Foxx's song "Blame It" is. Jamie Foxx is most widely known for his comedic and acting skills, but after his Oscar-winning performance as R&B singer, Ray Charles, he went back to his first love, music. Foxx's comedic roots can be seen in all his music. (If the lyrics, "Fill another cup up. Feeling on your butt-What?" weren't supposed to be funny, then Foxx doesn't know the gold mine of lyrical comedy he possesses!) His entire musical career seems like a carefully crafted satire of modern R&B/pop. Specifically, "Blame It" is your typical R&B song; an orginal (sampling's out these days...) synth beat catchy enough to be heard in the club, autotune and simple lyrics everyone can master after one listen. Throw in a verse by T-Pain and a video by Hype Williams you have the ingredients for every "hot" song. But Foxx steps it up a notch and brings a bevy of celebrities including Academy Award-winners Ron Howard and Forest Whitaker to his video to "hold ya drinks up high" (and was that Kate Bosworth or Ashley Scott?) Listening to this song makes me want to have a party and that's never a bad feeling.

    Blame It( ft. T-Pain)
  • boo

    Giu 4 2009, 17:38

    I wish last.fm could keep track of music you listened to on myspace and other outlets. I've been listening to a lot of Santigold, Yelle, Junior Boys and cold war kids.
    Also, I changed my password, so my music hasn't been scrobbling for over a month. :(
  • Love Locked Down

    Ott 12 2008, 0:05

    I think I am officially obsessed with this song. Normally, autotune/vocoders are annoying, but it's used at a tolerable minimum and the overall image of this song has a futuristic, straight-forwardness that's congruous with a robotic songster. "Love Lock Down" will grow on you because it's something different and the abnormal key signature pulls at rarely used senses.
    I've had this song on repeat for as long as my coworkers can stand it.Love Locked Down
  • The Notwist

    Lug 3 2008, 18:21

    They're playing at the venue I work at, so I started listening to their music. One of the first songs I heard was "Consequence." Wow. It's a beautiful song and I'm glad I heard it. The lyrics are repeated over and over, so there's not much to type.

    "You're the colour,
    You're the movement and the spin. (Never)
    Could it stay with me the whole day long?
    Fail with consequence,
    Lose with eloquence and smile.
    I'm not in this movie,
    I'm not in this song.
    Leave me paralyzed, love.
    Leave me hypnotized, love."
  • Lykke Li

    Mag 2 2008, 1:39

    I love her song "Little Bit." The lyrics are scarily relatable. Little Bit
  • Adele

    Feb 13 2008, 20:30

    Adele has a free song on iTunes. She has a powerful, yet gentle voice. Definitely worth downloading (and that means a lot because not every free iTunes song is worth the miniscule effort to download!)
    Hometown Glory
  • Juno Soundtrack

    Feb 8 2008, 0:49

    Who is buying the Juno soundtrack? I listened to a bit of it on iTunes and Kimya Dawson's myspace page and I wanted to kill myself. That music is the worst type of music I've ever heard. Folk music isn't bad, that weird "out there"-type music isn't bad, country's not bad, but whatever this is made me glad I didn't have a gun. It almost made me mad that someone would make music this horrible available to people.
    The End.

    (I won't tag this because that would be mean.)
  • "It's not that kinda party"

    Gen 30 2008, 0:31

    I bought the soundtrack to Batman last night. The 1989 one featuring Prince. That was one of my favorite albums when I was in preschool/elementary school. I still knew some of the words... I knew almost all of "Partyman."
    I'm pretty sure this was the first album to use the phrase "music from and inspired by" "Trust" is still one of my favorite songs, although I didn't know what some of the lyrics meant back when I was four, haha.

  • Ben Kenney - Distance & Comfort

    Gen 27 2008, 9:00

    Distance and Comfort is the third solo CD from Ben Kenney. He continues to change the way most people credit indie music to be by drawing from funk, punk and reviving the classic guitar solo. The way he blends genres and doesn’t confine himself to the normal Tuesday release shows a subtle disregard for the “rules” of the music industry. 
    A personal favorite is the soulful "Get It To Go." The groove that rides through the whole song along with the lyrics make you wish the song was just a little bit longer and the story had more time to unfold.
    Kenney continues his trait of including instrumental tracks with “When We Are Both Cats,” however, the best one of the bunch isn't technically "instrumental." "Some Days are Better than Others" has an ambient melody of overlapping guitars that instantly calms the soul. The subtle lyrics are deemphasized with reverb and never truly come to the foreground. "Some Days are Better than Others" makes you feel like you've stumbled upon a love song originally created to share with one person.
    Distance and Comfort gives you a glimpse into Kenney's reflection of life. His lyrics are neither cocky, nor modest, but honest. An exquisitely executed album.

    Distance And Comfort
    Ben Kenney
  • "new" music

    Set 25 2007, 21:48

    I just bought Muse's latest album. I've been meaning to buy it for some time and the song "Supermassive Black Hole" finally convinced me to put my thoughts into action. I like that song a lot. Pretty upbeat compared to the rest of Muse, which isn't a bad thing.
    I got into Muse after my boss gave me the album, my radio was broken, I left my iPod and it was the only CD in my car. It was the only thing I listened to for about a week. There's nothing really to hate about Muse. It's the kinda of music that any rock fan can get into, especially if you go to one of their live shows. I saw them at Lolla and Austin City Limits and was very impressed. However, I saw them about a year ago at that KROQ show... Inland Invasion, and they didn't keep my attention.
    But yeah, I could play a song for my conservative grandmother and she'd like them or my musical loving best friend and she'd like it too. Maybe not my hip hop heavy brother, but after awhile, he'd dig it too. It's the kinda band that grows on you, that's for sure.
    I'm going to listen to "Supermassive..." again.Black Holes and Revelations