My New Music Blog!


Mar 6 2008, 4:35

I've finally gotten around to starting my own music blog! It will be where I post all sorts of videos, mp3s, and other news about music that I'm loving and want to share the world!

Please check it out! (Only my mom has seen it so far and I don't want to be doing this just for her and myself!)


  • jamsmooth

    More of your writing. You are on my feed reader now.

    Mar 6 2008, 16:59
  • sabertoothbliss

    it has been bookmarked

    Mar 7 2008, 16:35
  • tstarkmi

    [quote]Proof that there's more to Sweden than Ikea, meatballs, and Abba.[/quote] Great blog, Jenn, keep it up!

    Mar 10 2008, 1:00
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