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Ott 17 2009, 23:00

As someone who has purchased or rated Singles 1985-1993 by Gerogerigegege, you might like to know that Paata Paata Heenayak - Nalin Jayawardena (Sinhala - Sri Lanka) [CD on Demand] is now available. You can order yours for just $12.00 by following the link below.

The CD titled as "PAATA PAATA HEENAYAK" is a dream come through for Nalin Jayawardena and hopefully be so for Sinhala music loving fans too.

This CD consisting of 20 songs created by leading musicians and lyrics-writers, demonstrate the variety of rhythms and tunes to reflect the creations in the past five decades of music in the Sri Lankan music scene. This CD may join the history as the first CD produced of this kind.

CD consists of a song, a nawa rithma song, and a kapprina song and a variety of other music traditions, styles and rhythms. In addition, a song to one of the Sri Lankan pioneering masters, the music guru Fernando from Kahalla, Katugastota who composed songs in the late 50's and taught music to ... Read more

I might buy this.


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