Childish Gambino at the Kibbie Dome


Mag 8 2012, 7:57

Wed 2 May – Childish Gambino, Sweatshop Union

A group from Vancouver B.C. opened up the set. Before the show I had never heard of them and after seeing them I'm still pretty indifferent. Friends i was standing with told me they frequently play Moscow so i guess they have a large enough following in the area to make a profit on a seven hour trip. Decent beats and a good soundboard mix kept everyone attentive and energetic for Donald to take the stage.

Childish took the stage next and I have to say the evening made for one of the best live shows i have ever seen. He was genuinely excited to perform his songs and everyone in attendance seemed equally as excited. For the first half of the set i thought to myself, this is weird that he's actually here In Moscow of all places. The set was a good mix of 'Camp' but with 'Culdesac' and his "Freaks and Geeks EP" thrown in the mix. I was a little upset the live band couldn't be heard as clearly as they should have been, but i think that was more the sound engineer than anything. Highlights of the show definitely included opening with 'Outside,' live violins on 'Freaks and Geeks,' and 'You See Me.'

Childish Gambino Set List:
Choir Intro
Fire Fly
Freaks and Geeks
So Fly
Do Ya Like
I'm On It
It's On
Rolling In The Deep (Adele cover)
All The Shine
Letter Home
You See Me
Rack City (Tyga cover)
Lights Turned On

update: May 9th, 2012
Decent sound and video from the show. Shout-out to Mr. Sparkly.

update: May 16th, 2012
Added a link for the 'Rack City' freestyle. The video isn't from the University of Idaho show but you get the general idea.


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