• Mindful Electronics Selection

    Apr 19 2010, 18:36

    Some trak selections from my Mindful Electronics CD's:

    Gimmik - Sarah

    Ruxpin - Her Body Smells of Cinnamon

    Sense - Idk

    Gel-Sol - Cool Sweet Awesome Yay!

    Bola - Aguilla

    IJO - (2)

    Esem - Swift Urban Departure From What Was Once an Innocent Soul

    Bad Loop - Eri Valeire

    Fusedmarc - Tier & Tie (Ruxpin remix)

    Sleepy Town Manufacture - Tokyo Doesn't Love Us Anymore

    Arovane - Amine

    Bauri - Vinkelvolten I

    Planet Boelex - Swamp Gas

    Eesn - L4 Tely

    Abfahrt Hinwil - Bumperstufe 2
  • Chart Music - Can chart music have electronic artists?

    Gen 5 2010, 21:03

    We all have heard the same songs over and over and (over?) again in the charts. The UK charts, especialy, are always crammed with pop, rock and indie. What I always wondered is that why its the same genres of music.... trance, post-rock, electro-pop, e.t.c. Since the last part of the 90's and into the year 2000, I haven't heard a peep from any new electronic artists. Aphex Twin had his hit 'Come To Daddy' in 1997 time and it was played on MTV at some stage of the game.

    It never changes the UK charts, always the same genres of music...... the main problem is that electronic music as a whole, seems to be degrading down to small groups of people on the planet, who themselves are converting over to rock/indie music.

    I would like to start by saying that I would enjoy something different than your Kaiser Chiefs, X-Factor finalists, Girl Bands eg. Sugababes, Girls Aloud. Does this nation give a crap about electronic star-sensationalist line ups. What about a bit more of Sleepy Town Manufacture, Luisine, Kettel etc, rather than the usual suspects.

    The generation of electronic music lovers is becoming obsolete in regard to radio stations refusing to include electronic artists in their playlist lineup. I hope in my lifetime, this will hopefully change. Wheres our appreciation?? Can't we have a taste as well?? Bring more electronic artists into the limelight. What about it people?