• ... In which Aies comes over a bit Buzzcocks...

    Giu 21 2007, 12:35

    Let's play a game! Says Aies, to the collective groans of anybody actually reading this...

    I was sent this by a shady character known as the virtual octopus (and yes, as far as I know, that is his real name!) the premise? Put your playlist on random and post the first lines of the first thirty songs for other people to guess what song the lines come from. So here's the lines...

    1. I'd like to drop my trousers to the world.
    2. I went looking, for my darling, I went looking for a sign
    3. She's by herself again, in the quiet secret night
    4. Action! This street honey is a mean street, living in this street honey is a mean streak.
    5. Lights out - We live in a world of darkness. No doubt - Everything's up for sale.
    6. The trouble with your mother, she's always sleeping with your brother.
    7. C'mon! Your Uncle Walter's going on, and on about everything he's seen and done.
    8. The last night of the fair, by the big wheel generator...
    9. Take me somwhere quiet please, these motorway exit games are calling me dearly.
    10. Well you're just seventeen, all you wanna do is disappear.
    11. The doubt that madness breeds, feeds this eternity.
    12. The months go by, I don't think of you. The signal is frail, an imprint of what you do.
    13. This is a song about a superhero called Tony, it's called Tony's theme!
    14. Sorrows sings, her kisses in silence. And adjusts the blinds to keep the light from mocking everything I feel.
    15. From the cradle bars, comes a beckoning voice that sends you spinning.
    16. Midnight in the subway, she's on her way home - She tries not to run, but she feels so alone.
    17. If you were born in heaven girl, I'd understand so well.
    18. I don't remember quite how I met you, was it long ago?
    19. Mother, maiden, aunt or brother on the masonary, and there are others.
    20. When I'm with you baby, I go out of my head.
    21. All this talk of getting old, it's getting me down my love.
    22. Touched, you say that I am too. So much, of what you say is true.
    23. Didn't know what time it was, the lights were low - I leaned back on my radio.
    24. When you walk without ease, on these streets where you were raised.
    25. Hevenly scene of mind, or could be Hell. Baby I'm not, yeah.
    26. Desert Kisses, in the sand, engulfing joints, engulfing land.
    27. Walked across the garden, in the footsteps of my shadow. See the light's out, no one's home.
    28. It's a God awful small affair, to the girl with the mousey hair.
    29. Don't you know, after picking the glass off the ground. Don't you know, after shaking the thing for a sound.
    30. Twenty-five whores in the room next door! Twenty-five floors and I need more!

    The question is, can you match them to their respective songs? No using google now, as I'll (most likely) know!
  • Grunge.

    Ott 29 2006, 21:45

    I'm gonna ask a simple question for this one, as it's been bugging me all night since I shared my Nirvana theory with a friend of mine...

    Grunge: What did it achieve? What was the message behind the whole movement? And ultimately, what was it's legacy?

    Usually with big musical movements, they leave something behind. A long running legacy, for better or worse. With grunge, I dunno... I just don't really see any lasting impact. Like my friend said 'i think grunge is one of those music movements which has become rather irrelevant now'. So is it wrong to class grunge as a musical movement? Is it more a phase? I'm not really sure I understand how it could be classed otherwise. I suppose really, my question boils down to this...

    Was there a point? Did there need to be a point? Am I just thinking about this too much?

    In other news - Birthday soon, so I hope to have some nice new music to be passing through my ears very soon.
  • 'Wake the hell up!' and Branching out.

    Set 26 2006, 17:30

    I don't know why, but I seem to have it in for vocalists. I have no idea why this is, but for a lot of bands I'm often completely turned off by the fact they're frontmen are just... Boring. Not just in terms of moving as if they're recently deceased, but just sounding like they're sleepwalking through the song and what hits the microphone is the drowsey mutterings associated with it.

    I suppose this one is going to be a bit of a rant, so don't say I didn't warn you before hand. :)

    I've been pondering this for a long time, because I really do have it in for vocalists - But have been told time and time again that Siouxsie Sioux can't sing. This is something that, I of course, don't agree with - But there's a problem in doing this. Conventionally, I suppose she can't. Technically speaking, in terms of actual *ability*, Siouxsie is a poor singer. But my question is this, how much does this simple fact matter?

    For my part, I say very little.

    In my mind, excellent singing ability is a bonus and just a small part of being a frontman. I'm not looking for somebody with a magnificent range or the ability to hit every note with perfect accuracy. Some people might do, and I respect that - But in my mind, the vocalist in *most* cases is the direct link between band and audience/listener and should be animate. They should be entertaining the listen too and have a certain powerful quality, a charisma. This doesn't mean that every band should be led by Johnny Rotten, but I just don't think a little energy and actually engaging with what you're singing is too much to ask for.

    Of course, this isn't the general, unbreakable rule. To suggest that a vocalist can ultimately make or break every single band in the world is silly. There's a lot of factors that make a band unique, and I'm not sure I could say that there's a hard and fast rule to what I like. There isn't. I can't make that generalisation, but generally - I do like my singers to display a little energy, and generally I do like each band I listen to to have something that sets them a part.

    Maybe you'd disagree scanning over my charts, but hey, I did say it was a rant. ;)

    In short - What I'm trying to say is there are just some singers I'd like to grab by the shoulders, shake vigourously and scream at them to wake the hell up!

    Speaking of which - I think it's about time I branched out. I'm always on the look out for something new, and one day it's this trait that's going to lead me into financial ruin, but still I think it's about time I found something different. I'm not sure what, I'm not sure how I'm going to go about looking - But ho-hum, I'll figure something out. Or just forget about it and buy more Pulp...

    Yeah, that seems more likely. :p
  • Itunes? And other stories.

    Lug 30 2006, 17:18

    So yeah, I recently purchased Ethernaut by The Cruxshadows. Which I have to say, is excellent, without a shadow of a doubt, but is also everything I hate about CD buying.

    Right, first off the bat, I love my CDs. I just love the whole package, the booklet, cover art, disc art, sure a lot of the time they can be bland, and uninteresting. But just pick up and album like [album]()[/album] or [album]Misery is a Butterfly[/album] and you'll see exactly what I mean. There's a lot that can be done with the simple CD, but when it comes to certain artists, the aquiring them can be a bit of a nightmare.

    So yeah, back to the Cruxshadows. They suffer, like a lot of bands, they're expensive. Anywhere you go, they're expensive. Doesn't matter. Which is ok, considering the quality of music, but the next problem is they're also (for me at least) hard to come by. Which is really a shame, as I love quite a lot of obscure bands.

    So the obvious answer is to download music, right?

    Well, that's what I thought. So I decided to give Itunes a try. I decided to start small, with the David Bowie/Arcade Fire performance at Fashion Rocks, which I'd seen on youtube and been blown way by.

    Now here comes the thing I didn't know about Itunes - It downloads purchased music in a format that can only be played in Itunes and on an Ipod. Which is a load of good to me, as I listen to all my music via Windows Media Player and an MP3 player. So after half an hour on google, madly searching for a way to convert the files in MP3 format and getting nowhere with an overcomplicated program that claimed to do so (and had a useless FAQ!), I just gave in, burned a CD, and ripped them into MP3.

    So there you have it, CD's might be irritating at times, expensive at others and take up space - But frankly, it's a lot less time consuming and troublesome than using bloody itunes!