Oh God orgasm @ 2007 albums!!


Gen 15 2007, 9:38

Haha, now that I have your attention, here are the 2 albums I'm looking forward to this year, hopefully I can get it for my 19th birthday.

All of a Sudden, I Miss Everyone
Yes, the princes of post/space rock has returned with their brand new album, and if the track Welcome, Ghosts is anything to go by, its a somewhat matured band that is playing the same ype of music, only with more conviction and confidence.

Neon Bible
So Pitckfork gave them a 9.7 for Funeral. No pressure, right? Well, I'll admit to having 5 of the 11 tracks as of now (hah!), and after listening to them, they make me REALLY REALLY wanna buy the album. Trust me, I haven't been this excited about a band with vocals since Mew, Frengers era. It's really good, the organs on Intervention is enough to send you cascading into an ocean of noise and not wanting to get out until you're ears are bleeding red.

If you have anymore recommendations for 2007 I'd like to hear it. Thanks.


  • daehoidar

    All of a sudden I miss everyone rules...it didn't hit me as quickly as The Earth... but it's almost as good. Maybe as good once it grows fully. It's more in the Those Who Tell The Truth...type vein...less expansive than The Earth. At least to my ear. And I love Intervention. I'm also really looking forward to the new Radiohead, Modest Mouse, and Travis albums.

    Gen 15 2007, 21:38
  • AllergicToCrap

    Portishead are releasing a new one this year. check em out if u like creepy music. the lead singer has a voice like a ghost...fantastic

    Gen 17 2007, 0:56
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