My Top Ten Best/Worst Songs Chart!


Giu 2 2007, 14:49

"Stolen" from Melanto's Diary :o

1 Luciano Ligabue
2 Fabrizio De André
3 Sonata Arctica
4 Francesco Guccini
5 U2
6 Cure(The)
7 R.E.M.
8 Trivium
9 Vasco Rossi
10 Haggard

- What is the worst song of your top ten artists?
- What is the best song of your top ten artists?

1. Luciano Ligabue

Worst: I giardini di marzo ('cause it wasn't written by him)

Best: Non dovete badare al cantante

2. Fabrizio de André

Worst: Geordie ('cause Gabry Ponte destroyed it)

Best: Il cantico Dei Drogati

3. Sonata Arctica

Worst: Revontulet

Best: Don't Say a Word

4. Francesco Guccini

Worst: La locomotiva (Speaking in a politically way :P)

Best: L'avvelenata

5. U2

Worst: One

Best: Bad

6. Cure(The)

Worst: Piggy In The Mirror

Best: The caterpillar

7. R.E.M.

Worst: Drive

Best: Imitation Of Life

8. Trivium

Worst: The Crusade

Best: Ascendancy

9. Vasco Rossi

Worst: Rewind

Best: Gabri

10. Haggard

Worst: Daddy was her first man

Best: Per Aspera Ad Astra


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