More of a rant than a post


Mag 13 2008, 13:33

I am a Nightwish fan.

Said that way, it sounds almost dirty. Nonetheless, I do adore the band and its music, and I would love to see them live someday.

I came into liking Nightwish during the End of an Era tour. In fact, I was only a fan a few weeks before Tarja left. That didn't stop me buying all the albums and singles I could get my hands on. That also didn't stop me from following the contest to get a new lead singer or from buying Dark Passion Play when it came out.

Here's a revelation: I like Tarja and Annette. I might even like Annette a bit more because she is easier for me to understand (and my cats don't go insane if she hits a note that frightens them). I don't dislike Tarja, and I'm still taking the whole events of her leaving the band with a grain of salt. (It's been said that there are three sides to the truth: your side, their side, and what really happened.)

However, in looking at Nightwish videos, images, and even lyrics, I have noticed a disturbing trend: Annette bashing from Tarja fans. I have even noticed that this trend only goes one way: Annette fans don't return the bashing by saying things against Tarja. It is always the Tarja fans heaping the abuse on Annette (Tarja is prettier, Tarja dressed more sophisticated, Tarja did this, Tarja did that).

The psychology minor in me knows that this is their way of coping. The fan in me wants to yell that Tarja has left the band, she still has a solo career, and if they don't like the new direction the band is going in, why don't they quit listening to it... and stalking the message boards... and acting like little jerks every chance they get.

But that would be the grown-up thing to do.


  • ZlyZlyZly

    copy that :)

    Mag 14 2008, 15:28
  • marzipanna

    Same here I only started listening to Nightwish a couple of months ago

    Ago 7 2008, 17:48
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