Power House of Talent!!! :)


Lug 29 2007, 19:17

Alison Krauss
She is called the 'Queen of Bluegrass Country'..
She is the winner of 20 Grammy Awards, in a career spanning more than 2 decades..(!!!!)
I just lover her husky voice..it sounds so sweet..!!..
and that has become her signature style...
The first song which I heard of Alison Krauss...was "Baby, Now That I've Found You"..and I loved it!
I think she makes a great team with Union Station..together they have given us great songs..in particular I love "Restless", "Let Me Touch U For awhile", "Goodbye's All We have", "When U say Nothin' At All", "Stay" and "Simple Love"...
She is one of my all time favourite country singers..
Simple Love Here Alison Krauss with her band The Union Station, is performing their hit single "Restless" LIVE on Jay leno's show..

Brad Paisely
Brad Paisley....I love his baritone voice...good looks and a GREAT voice!..
I have heard two of his albums...found both his album Mud On The Tires and Time Well Wasted worth listening..
Loved both the albums.
My favourites from the two albums include...
"Mud On The Tires", "Little Moments", (from Mud On The Tires album) and "Alcohol", "The World"..
But the two duets which I loved listening to were "When I get Where I'm Going" (from Time Well Wasted) where Brad collaborated with country veteran Dolly Parton..and "Whiskey lullaby" (from the album 'Mud On The Tires) in which Brad sang with the awesome Alison Krauss...
Wonderful songs...
Some people think that given his great voice..he should be singing traditional country more..than country pop..
But I say, he is a talent..and so it will show no matter which sub genre he chooses to sing in..:)

Mud on the Tires
Brad Paisely and Alison Krauss singing the beautiful heart break song "Whiskey Lullaby"...Live during 2004's CMA Awards ...


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