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Mag 26 2008, 0:11

I suppose I could've come up with a better title (I clearly wanted something more interesting than the usual My favorite singers stuff) but it's late in this corner of ol' Europe and my funny self must be already asleep. Anyway, I'll just write a few words about the singers who are dear to me. They may not be the "best" singers if we look at technique, range etc, but each of them gives something special to me, and they're all unique in some way.

When is comes to singers, sometimes less is really more. A HUUUGE voice can be just as irritating as a bad one. It all depends on the listener, of course... Being the wonderfully diverse and fucked-up species that we are, each person has a different idea of what's attractive/delicious/pleasant/pretty to look at, and a frequent collision of these different opinions and sets of values is inevitable, regardless of the subject matter. Especially on the Internet...

To me, they're the best:


Trent Reznor, from Nine Inch Nails. His voice is absolutely unique and he can use it in so many ways, covering such a broad spectrum of emotions - switching from bitterness to a mocking tone to aggressivity to happiness to a calm state of sorrowful meditation... In addition to his great vocal talent, his lyrics are among the best in the music business. He's got it all.

James Hetfield, of Metallica. Another completely unique voice, capable of handling both sentimental ballads and fast & furious thrash. Bonus points for the badass guitar skills.

The 2 vocalists of Depeche Mode, Dave Gahan and Martin L. Gore. Dave is the chick magnet and the showman, Marty is the mastermind, and they work perfectly together. Dave's got tons of charisma, and as he's recently demonstrated with his 2nd solo album (Hourglass), he's a damn fine songwriter too. Marty is a freakin' genius, and his live performances are amazingly perfect. ALWAYS.

Rob Halford, of Judas Priest, Fight and Two fame (though the latter 2 bands and his solo project never got the recognition they deserved). He just screams like no other, in my humble opinion. Immense vocal range and power here! Plus he's such a badass. Makes you wonder how he's able to move on stage in those crazy costumes... :-)

Johnny Cash. Proof nr. 1 that performing songs in a simple and honest way can be more touching than multi-octave howling.

John Lennon & Paul McCartney I even need to type this? The Beatles! Proof nr. 2 that performing songs in a simple and honest way can be more touching than multi-octave howling.

Then there's the German foursome: Till Lindemann of Rammstein, Der Graf of Unheilig, Dero from Oomph! and Alexx (formerly in Megaherz) of Eisbrecher. Yes, I love deep, sexy voices (hence my soft spot for The Sisters of Mercy) and the rich German metal scene has plenty of those... Hard to name an overall favorite. Till may be the least skilled singer of the 4, but his voice and his band means so much to me-6 years of my life, to be exact. Yup, I'm a Rammstein fan since I was 17, still listening to all their albums. It's hard for any other band, no matter how good it may be, to compete with that.

My next choice may seem strange, but I can't help liking him: Marco Hietala (Nightwish, Tarot). He's not a very good singer, but he does the roaring Viking thing perfectly. A much needed addition to a chick-fronted band, and fierce enough to efficiently counteract the "frontwoman"'s whining.

Honorary mention: Corey Taylor for the great job he's doing with Stone Sour. Slipknot ain't my thing.


Björk, now a solo artist, formerly a member of The Sugarcubes. She's insane, weird, intriguing and ultimately, amazing. Blending and bending and defying genres all the time, her music is among the most unique offerings in pop music today. The fact that her voice has the strength of a whirlwind is just a bonus.

Lisa Gerrard, formerly of Dead Can Dance, now a prolific solo artist. When she sings it's pure magic, enchanting and bordering on surreal. It's best if you turn up the volume, relax and let her take you on a journey into your innermost self & beyond. A female voice just doesn't get better than this.

Honorary mention: Tarja Turunen (or simply Tarja, for the tagging fanatics among us), formerly the face/tits/ass of Nightwish. Whatever her ex-band members say is irrelevant to me. Some of the greatest female artists were/are insufferable divas in their private life, but even if the claims of Keyboard-Wankmaster Tuomas Holopainen are true- I don't plan to move in with her, all I care about it her voice. And it's very nice and fits the golden era-Nightwish like a glove. She is, and always will be, the definition of Nightwish for me, combined with Wankmaster's melodies she gave them a trademark sound that's still unmatched on the crowded symphonic metal scene.

OK, off to dreamland I go, with Lisa Gerrard's Space Weaver as a lullaby...


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    It worked! Yeehaw!

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    hey your avatar rules, your about me is gay and the subject matter of your art is gay but it looks really cool

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    Yo momma is gay

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