Buckcherry + Mötley


Mag 16 2011, 4:17

I've been lazy lately... and it seems it won't change anyway soon.
I'm writing regularly again, thus, I have no energy -or creativity- at all to write in this blog. It's always been like this though. Once I focus in something completely, everything else gets left behind.
I wanted to write about HydroAysén, but well, it's too late now and I don't wanna get depressed right now since I'm feeling quite good, and it had been a while.
Instead, I'll write about last night's gig which was awesome!

First I need to make clear that I wanted to see Buckcherry way more than Mötley Crüe. I love Mötley, of course, but I like Buckcherry a lot more and, besides, it's been too long since I started listening to Mötley, so I kinda grew a bit sick of them ages ago. Still, I was pretty excited to see both bands.
We went to grab some drinks before the gig and -as usual- we got there late. I had been looking at the watch the whole time so I was sure we'd be there on time, but once we entered the Cancha Vip they were already playing on stage. I just hope we didn't miss much of the show. I think we must have gotten there when they were just finishing the first song, though I'm not sure. I was a bit worried, because I knew Buckcherry's not too popular in here and most people were there for Mötley. I was right. The audience was pretty crappy and never seemed to open up to them in spite of everything that Josh did, and he's one hell of a frontman, I was jumping up and down from the first second and totally into it, even though they played for such a short time and I didn't get to listen to a lot of songs I really wanted to hear such as For The Movies, Crushed, All Of Me, Baby, Too Drunk... and many more...
For what I remember right now they did play Sorry, Crazy Bitch, Lit Up, Rescue Me, All Night Long, Oh My Lord, Everything, It's A Party... I'm sure they must have played a couple of songs more, but I can't remember...
The sound was great, at least from the center of Cancha Vip, and the show was top notch. The attitude was awesome and Josh was as hot as it can get. And I'm not too easy to please in that area... I usually hate guys showing perfect bodies and moving their hips like that. I almost vomited with DIR EN GREY's Kyo or The 69 Eyes's Jyrki -though none of them had the body Josh has- and, truly, I wouldn't even mention something like that normally, but this was impossible not to mention. He sang great. I love his voice and live it sounds even better -I know it must seem hard to believe, but it's true- and he did it so effortlessly while he danced all over the stage touching himself and talking to the fans. It was pure delight! I wish they come again soon and ALONE. I need at least a couple of hours of their music. This was way too short.
After Buckcherry left the stage I was pretty upset and felt certain that Mötley was going to be a huge disappointment. I was mistaken. They played safe, that's for sure, but they did it great in their own way and it was quite a show. The sound was great, they played the songs quite differently live, but in their own style, they even made some mistakes, but it truly didn't matter one bit, and this comes from someone who was truly biased towards their concert, specially after enjoying of Buckcherry.
The worst, in my opinion -though I understand their decision- is that the setlist was made exclusively of huge hits. This obviously meant that my favorite songs were left out. And I was really eager to listen to tracks like Dancing On Glass, Black Widow or Hell On High Heels, among many others.
From what I remember they played Girls, Girls, Girls, Wild Side, Shout At The Devil, Home Sweet Home, Kickstart My Heart, Looks That Kill, Dr. Feelgood, etc... I think the only one of the biggest hits they didn't play was Without You.
This way they made sure the audience would be singing each single minute of the whole show, but it was a bit sad for those who wanted to listen to something else. They were great to warm up the public anyway. Tommy even gave the front row a bottle of Jägermeister -which I hate, but still... nice detail!-
Considering all, it was a great show and a lot more than I expected. I feel it was just what the fans wanted. My only disappointment is that I wish Buckcherry would have played twice the time they did -at least!-

Now I feel exhausted. I have the bad habit of going everywhere on huge heels. I'm used to it so I don't usually have any trouble. But even I end up with my legs aching after dancing on high heels for three hours non stop.
Still, it was damn worth it!


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