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Brano Durata
1 We Came As RomansI Will Not Reap Destruction Loved track 3:58
2 We Came As RomansSearching, Seeking, Reaching, Always Loved track 2:56
3 MyChildren MyBrideThe Machinist Loved track 4:03
4 It PrevailsDefenses Down Loved track 2:32
5 We Came As RomansTo Plant a Seed Loved track 3:50
6 With Blood Comes Cleansingintro 0:35
7 Close Your EyesWake Up 3:32
8 CounterpartsOnly Anchors Loved track 3:19
9 It PrevailsBrothers to the Flames Loved track 3:19
10 Drop Dead, GorgeousDaniel, Where's the Boat? Loved track 2:27
11 Close Your EyesSong For The Broken Loved track 4:08
12 Skyscrapers Walk Among UsDivergence: If We Ever Meet Again, I'll Greet You With A Lover's Embrace Loved track 5:18
13 Missing in MarylandThe Ballad of Shady Clay Loved track 2:30
14 In Fear and FaithYour World on Fire Loved track 3:42
15 We Came As RomansIntentions Loved track 3:01
16 For TodayEzekiel (The Visionary) Loved track 4:06
17 For TodayWhite Flag Loved track 3:31
18 The Red OctoberThe Living Receiver Loved track 4:46
19 Silence The MessengerFace Full of Concrete Loved track 3:53


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