• [Kreator, Voivod, etc.] – Toronto, ON

    Mar 10 2010, 19:17

    Toronto, ON – [Kreator, Voivod, etc.]

    Lazarus A.D. kicked off the night with some mean thrash riffs and breakdowns worth our headbanging and moshing. The energy was truly great. The standout was Thou Shall Not Fear with the kickass breakdown in the outro.

    Next up: Evile. The English thrashers came and conquered. Kickstarting their set with Infected Nation and playing brutal thrash tracks with plenty of headbanging opportunities and blazing solos, but the highlight was the INSANE drumming by Ben.

    Then came Nachtmystium, the experimental black metal band. They set the atmosphere with psychedelic intros and a feeling of impending doom. Their tracks were quite refreshing among the brutal thrash acts. Quality performance.

    The legendary Québécois Voivod took the stage by storm when frontman Snake made his entrance with the legendary Korgull gas-mask to sing classics from older albums (e.g.: Rrröööaaarrr) as well as their latest, Infini. The highlight was the closing track, Astronomy Domine by Pink Floyd. The vocal harmony was incredible and so was the drumming. Snake's stage presence was as strong as ever, connecting with the audience and throwing metal horns every now and then.

    The final and most anticipated act was finally there. After a 20-minute wait between setting up the stage props featuring the Hordes of Chaos artwork and sound-check, the crowd was more than ready for a dose of German thrash... and Kreator delivered just that. They played a mixture of HoC tracks as well as classics such as Endless Pain and Pleasure to Kill. I, personally, kept waiting for Flag of Hate to be introduced, but sadly they made their early exit after about 7 songs. The crowd kept shouting "Kre-a-tor" as loud as possible until they came back for an encore featuring When the Sun Burns Red. Just as soon as I thought their setlist was prematurely over, frontman Mille announced they were about to play their last song and wanted us to "shout one word" with him. He continued to get the crowd going more and more as he finally growled (along with the crowd) the legendary intro: "It's time - to raise - the flag - of - HATE!" The energy was amazing on that track. The whole band was in top form and had never sounded better.

    Overall, it was a great night.
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