• I made a cover!

    Ago 25 2010, 15:34

    I designed a cover for a tape by Neh Czneg!

    I don't believe the EP has a name, but you can have a gander at the artwork by me here.

    And you can order the tape here:
    Puzzle Records
  • HORSE the Band in Berlin

    Mag 29 2008, 18:28

    Tue 27 May – HORSE The Band, Gtuk, call me betty

    Wellywell. Here we go.

    I went to Berlin with 2 buddies to see HORSE the Band and I must say it was definitely worth it and more.

    But first a few words concerning the two opening bands: GTUK (if you can call that one-man-whirlwind a band) and Call Me Betty.

    Gtuk (chiptunes with a smidgen of screamo) was a riot. He's got some sweet dance moves, and I bet all the ladies loved his sexy outfit. Although some of the music kind of strained my brain I have to say that all in all it was wonderful to see that dude screeching into his kiddie-taperecorder and jumping and rolling around the whole place.

    call me betty on the other hand were...well, sucktastic to say the least. I wouldn't go so far as to say that what those folks did on stage (rather, in front of the stage, no moshing tonight people!) wasn't music, it was just really, really bad music. Okay, maybe I'm just not "scene" enough to understand the advantages of "chaotic mathcore", but seriously, all my ears could discern was noise-stew. I couldn't understand I single thing they screamed/growled/howled/belched, so the lead singer announcing that the next song was about how mankind is destroying the environment was pretty much futile. I don't want to waste too much words on this horrible experience, but I want to say one more thing: how do you think wearing Vans and trend-clothing matches with complaining about so called "MTV-Hardcore" or "fashioncore"??? Kinda confuses me but oh well. Ok, one last thing, so this isn't only me complaining: the drummer's afro was supreme.

    Now on to the main event: HORSE the band was awsome. Period. They were all really energetic on stage, except for Nathan who had torn the muscles in his left arm. It was so great to hear those songs played live (Birdo, Bunnies, Cutsman, New York City, and Purple to name a few) and so was listening to the Band in between those songs (Nathan:"This is all scripted. And you may not know it yet but part of the show is you getting butt-naked on the back of this man [points to David Isen]"). I also enjoyed talking to Nathan and Erik up close for a bit, and I hope Nathan's arm gets better soon. My body hurt the next day, and my neck is still sore, in other words, it was nice to mosh for a change (not that I would have wanted to mosh to the acoustic diarrhea of call me betty). It was kind of sad though that they didnt give an encore or play a bit longer, I really would have loved to hear Sex Raptor live. But that didn't really make the experience less awesome, and I sure hope they come back to Germany soon (preferrably Hamburg).
  • Envy in Gießen

    Nov 28 2007, 7:46

    Sat 24 Nov – Envy, Long Distance Calling

    I was in Gießen last weekend (24-25 Nov.) to see a concert by the japanese post-hardcore/screamo band Envy.

    To say the least it was awsome. I missed the opening band, which is too bad, but oh well. Anyway, when I came in, the band was doing the sound check, and I was almost bursting with anticipation of the moment when they would finally start to play.

    They started of with the song "A Chain Wandering Deeply", the first song off their Album "A Dead and Sinking Story". The Band-members swayed to the music like hypnotized marionettes in one moment, then started raging around the stage when the music became more loud and aggressive. At some points one couldn't actually discern any notes or instruments at all, just a blaring, shredding noise from the speakers. That did its job on my ears, I'll tell you. This is sadly also the reason why the concert didn't convey the actual heartwrenching beauty of the music when heard off CD.

    The members of the band seemed like insane passengers of a too small boat. As the vocalist went on screaming and speaking in Japanese whilst hanging on to the microphone which he yanked around all the time, the guitarist to his left glared madly at the guitarist to his right, who was all too consumed by the music. Tetsuya Fukugawa's screams sounded like he was getting his intestines ripped out and his frantic waving of hands and arms made him seem totally desperate to tell what he had experienced. Ironically nobody understood him.

    So all in all, it was a great experience, my ears were still somewhat damaged yesterday but all fine now. I sure hope they come back some time soon.

    P.S: Here is a video of Envy playing "Left Hand" from the album "All The Footprints You've Ever Left And The Fear Expecting Ahead"