Get Acquainted - Edition 4: Anna Calvi


Ago 6 2011, 20:44

What can be said about Anna Calvi? She's a young British singer/songwriter who plays the guitar, wears bright red lipstick, silk blouses, gold necklaces and high heels. But she's not just another female musician following the steps of PJ Harvey and Jeff Buckley in a Spaghetti Western meets Soul Blues world; armed with a voice like a hurricane and pair of deep blue eyes that could pierce right through you, Calvi delivers live performances among the most passionate I have ever witnessed. Her enchanting and fierce onstage alter ego spellbinds the spectator from beginning to end, making you realize you have forgotten to exhale ever so often. Music mastermind Brian Eno sent Calvi a letter saying her music "was everything we could want from art - like water at the end of the desert." Need I say more? Watch the video for Desire above - it's sex incarnate.



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