Michael Jackson Tribute (Top 10 Michael Jackson/ Jackson 5 songs)


Lug 2 2009, 4:24

I always wondered why Michael Jackson's LastFM plays were so low in comparison to a lot of artists constantly in the Top 10. I guess Michael to a lot of people was like that family member you took for granted until they died. (I, too, am guilty of this) I am pleased and mildly shocked by the outpouring support by the LastFM community. Anyone that knows me is aware of how heartbroken I am that I will never see the greatest entertainer of my lifetime perform live. My trip to Europe will be somewhat hollow without those two concerts. Anyways, I have not been in the mood to listen to anything not Michael-related for a week, so I figured now would be a good time to list my top 10 Michael Jackson / The Jackson 5 songs.

1) Human Nature- It's hard to explain the chills I get up my spine listening to Michael's wails of "Why?"

Human Nature

2) Rock With You- Ever pulled up in your car next to a lunatic going ape shit in their car singing and dancing? Well, if you look over and I'm that lunatic, chances are I'm listening to this song.

Rock with You

3) Got To Be There- It's all about the lyrics with this song. They are concise yet beautiful. This is the kind of song that if a guy wrote about me, I would marry him on the spot. Okay maybe not, but I'd have to at least think about it.

Got To Be There

4) Billie Jean- Why? One word. MOONWALK!

Billie Jean

5) Ben- This song is so adorable. I believe it to be his most touching song. I just want to hug him after watching him sing it. :(

6) (Jackson 5) The Love You Save- Pop perfection. Wonderful harmonies. Wonderful message that tugs at my heart.

The Love You Save

7) Smooth Criminal- I loved this song so much that I would change the lyrics of "Annie, are you OK?" to "Ally, are you OK?" And the answer is no, I'm not OK, since you died Mike. :(

8) Beat It- Lyrically a pretty lame song in my opinion, but West Side Story+Eddie Van Halen + The Greatest Dance EVER= Greatness. I've yet successfully resisted doing the Beat It dance while listening to this song.

Beat It

9) Earth Song-I think this song was more popular across the pond than in the States because for some reason, a lot of people from the States hate this song. Another socially conscious ballad much like Man in the Mirror and Heal the World (I must be a sucker for Jackson's preachy songs) except this one focuses on the environment.

Earth Song

10) P.Y.T. (Pretty Young Thing)-This song turns me into a dancing fool, and who can resist a song with a sing-along in its breakdown? Maybe it's the herd mentality in me. :(

P.Y.T. (Pretty Young Thing)

Honorable Mentions:

Heal The World- OK, my love for this song has greatly diminished but I must mention it because I was obsessed with it apparently when I was a kid. Somewhere (hopefully well hidden) is a home video of me singing this song.

Heal the World

Man in the Mirror- In this song Michael basically scared me into being a nice person. At least for the 5 minutes the song lasts, then I revert back to my old ways. Sorry, I'm a creature of habit. :(

Man in the Mirror

(Jackson 5) Maybe Tomorrow- What a ballad! The instrumentation is beautiful in this song. It's no wonder Ghostface sampled this track.

Maybe Tomorrow


  • futhamucka

    Dangerous is underrepresented, but good list nonetheless :-). I never really got into the Jackson 5; what should I listen to first?

    Lug 2 2009, 5:03
  • thecurfornow

    I think your list is great, glad to see some love for Earth Song. Brandon thinks it's awful, but it'd make my top ten too. I love Ben too. I think Will You Be There would probably be on my list too.

    Lug 2 2009, 6:02
  • AllyWonderland

    @futhamucka: Yes, Dangerous is probably my least favorite of his classic albums. It's a very solid album but none of the tracks crack my Top 10. And I would listen to Jackson 5's "ABC" album first; that's my favorite but the "Third" album is probably more well received. @thecurfornow: OMG, I never understood how anyone could hate the "Earth Song." It's so epic. Will You Be There is a great song. It, along with In The Closet and Heal The World are my favorites on Dangerous.

    Lug 3 2009, 2:54
  • ElArte8723

    Rooooooock with you! Lol, your comments made me smile. In my top 10 I would probably have to add The Way To Me Feel. Kinda cheesy lyrics, but it's still one of my most listened songs. :)

    Lug 7 2009, 4:42
  • futhamucka


    Lug 7 2009, 20:50
  • AllyWonderland

    @ElArte: Ha! The Way You Make Me Feel isn't one of my favorites, but it is a solid song. I liked the video though. @futhamucka: Yeah! I've heard Miles' cover of "Human Nature" before. Thanks for the link though. :)

    Lug 8 2009, 2:17
  • halfadozen

    yay, P.Y.T. who can resist that song. that little synth part in the chorus.

    Lug 26 2009, 9:34
  • AllyWonderland

    No Music and Me, I know. And @halfdozen...that part makes me want to break out the robot.

    Ago 5 2009, 2:47
  • cmurgueitio

    Man in the Mirror and Earth Song :'(... Great stuff...

    Ago 7 2009, 4:23
  • KE3

    Yeah, you nailed the number one to me. My whole list would have been songs from mostly Thriller album and Bad album, with a couple from Off The Wall.

    Dic 21 2009, 22:55
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