• Hardcore kids do it better

    Feb 2 2011, 10:57

    Sat 29 Jan – Your Demise, Lower Than Atlantis, Pay No Respect, Take Courage, Lets Talk Daggers
    Lets Talk Daggers-Walked in during their second song, but the crowd didn't seem at all impressed or engaged with them. Musically they were quite complex and impressive, but the audience of pumped up pubescents weren't there for thoughtful key changes.

    Take Courage-One of Kent's more impressive exports, these guys know what they're doing and know how to get the mob moving. Ignoring technical difficulties (which seemed to plague every band this evening!) they hit the right notes with the young crowd and their older fans from across the county.

    Pay No Respect-These guys play every show like it's their last, and manage to blow me away every time. With enough force in their vocals and riffs to flatten a granny at 20 paces, Pay No hold a special place in the hearts of Kent crowds, doing us proud around the world.

    Lower Than Atlantis-Although not completey in sync with the rest of tonight's acts, they pulled a good crowd, and had a chorus of teens screaming back their lyrics with tiny fists punching the air. With catchy choruses and a sound fresh from their TV appearances, Lower Than Atlantis pull off the evening with heart and sweat soaked brows.Though I couldn't help but feel they were relying alot on the crowd's enthusiasm to get them through, possibly trying to cover their doubts about being on such a hardcore bill with cringe-worthy jokes.

    Your Demise-I've not had the pleasure of seeing these guys live before, but any doubts I had were obliterated after the first song. You know it's going to be a good set when the entire crowd gets pushed back 3 steps right after they strike the first note. Your Demise not only rocked the crowd's balls off, but with constant commands to "stage dive! stage dive !stage dive!", LTA's singer jumping on stage for a sing along and what seemed to be a hundred people crowding the stage on the final song, they showed themselves to be as passionate and friendly as they come. An amazing finish to a great night, filled with screaming, sweaty, friendly people.