Amiyd & No hesitation LYRICS


Mar 26 2011, 19:02

FactEat Your Wordsattack me if you dareno hesitation

02 Attack me if you dare

The bottom of my stomach feels like lead
I don't know who you are but leave me alone
Don't come here looking like everything's fine
I don't know what you have or where you got it from

I'm tired of our eyes meeting
Leave those lies behind and get out of here now
Fire and water
You and me

I'll keep your secret safe until I die,
Won't say anything just take it

04 No Hesitation

Look out over everything
Above the clouds we're floating in the sky above this town
I can see inside you and I don't need to write you what we both know

So turn out the light
Bring on the darkness so we can't be seen

Imagine just how many lights can be seen from here
The light goes out and I lose sight without you

Your face burned into the back of my mind
A slight sensation on my fingertips
Take my hand, soar through the sky and don't hesitate
Say nothing, just leave
We start a new story tomorrow
I know you're here
I don't want to be here


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