Acts to look out for in 2011


Gen 3 2011, 1:31

Civil Civic

Listening to Civil Civic is quite the experience. It's a tour de force of Post-Punk noise cloaked in a Lo-Fi production that certainly lifts their sound to another level. With an EP already out last year (Highly Recommended) I'm sure 2011 will be a big year for this genre merging band that oozes musical intelligence.

Egyptian Hip Hop

In an industry that is becoming ever reliant on the hype and spread that is generated from the 'blogosphere' and various amateur publications, it is a minor miracle when one of the more established music magazines takes a shining to a new band. Egyptian Hip Hop were the lucky ones at the tail end of last year to get their audio smoke fanned by the influential indie magazine NME. When they take a shine to an act you can bet on them getting some exposure and it seems thus far quite well deserved.

Balam Acab

Okay, Okay, so there was enough Dubstep and Witch-house acts that came to prominence last year but I really think this guy can offer something special. His influences can be deduced as his songs languidly stretch out and take rest in the deepest corners of your brain. A bit of everything from Aphex to Burial to 60's psychedelia can be heard in these songs. He will make an impact this year for sure.

Esben and the Witch

Thankfully I never had much exposure to Florence and the Machine, but I am aware of who she is. The vocal comparisons have been made with her and that of Rachel Davies - lead singer of the lush sounding Esben and the Witch. The vocal resemblance is where the comparisons surely end, as the slow boiled guitars swell to a climax throughout their songs providing the listener with an experience that could almost hark back to the glory days of vintage shoegaze a la 'My Bloody Valentine'. With an album out at the end of January, expect the reaction to be positive and the praise plentiful.


Take off your sweatband and place some headphones on instead. Retro soaked chillwave act Tennis have been flirting around many peoples ears for the best part of 2010 and with the imminent release of their début album, are set to be the soundtracks to everyone's summer. Pimms anyone?


Creates a unique sound-scape. Go explore for yourself! ...what are you waiting for?

Zoo Kid

A lot of emotion in this Kid's voice.


  • Highfive_123

    Alan, do you own a sweatband?

    Gen 3 2011, 2:43
  • AlanLaidlaw

    I was a pretty serious table tennis player a few years back. Scored some minor victories. The sweatband hasn't been used in a while. AHHH memories.

    Gen 3 2011, 2:47
  • Highfive_123

    You could totally pull off Bjorn Borg if you died your hair blonde and trimmed your beard a little.

    Gen 3 2011, 2:49
  • AlanLaidlaw

    I pulled off Sampras in the 90's but his wife didn't appreciate it.

    Gen 3 2011, 2:54
  • rella987

    word, nice list here man. I was actually pretty impressed when I first heard that zoo kid track. 16 Years old and getting a BNT, makes u wonder where he'll be in a few years

    Gen 9 2011, 4:17
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