I Can't Hear It Without Crying a Little


Set 22 2010, 16:20

So, I fell in love with this boy. He got me listening to different things. We fell out and I guess, in a sense, broke up. Well, most of the music he got me listening to, I still enjoy. But there's just one that...well, it breaks my heart to hear. I can't listen to La Roux any more without wanting to cry just a tiny bit. Especially the song "Cover My Eyes." I don't know what it is about that song but my heart breaks just a little more. Now, I want to be bitter and say, "Thanks for ruining La Roux for me," but I don't want to give in to the acrimony. Instead, I just remove La Roux from my iPod and replace it with....Thudnerheist, sure why not? or anything BUT La Roux! I'm sorry you had to be ruined for me Elly Jackson, you're still awesome in my book though, especially with the hair!

La Roux
Cover My Eyes


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