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  • ArsonistSavior

    footage from By the End of Tonight's Halloween show this year. Enjoy!

    Ieri 20:03 Rispondi
  • roundtableism

    Glad to hear you're getting on with things. I was/am busy dealing with an unsurmountable pile of everything I don't want to deal with, so yeah, sorry for the slowness. Ah, I completely forgot the Maybeshewill live! I kind of dropped all concerts I'd been planning to go to. Missed Sebado, Opeth, Animals as Leaders, Julian Lage etc. too. Oh well, maybe next time. By the way, I've finally read Punpun like yesterday. Stoked for the finale.

    18 Dic 23:26 Rispondi
  • roundtableism

    I don't think videographing would turn much of a profit. Art, in general, is a pretty shitty career choice income-wise, as long as you aren't affiliated with major companies. I think, steering cleer of anything money-related until you're actually given a good opportunity is the best course of action, mainly because you won't sell your soul to marketing efficiency just yet. I'm guessing the workload is pretty much the same. Post-processing eats ridiculous amounts of time. Everything fine on your end?

    26 Ago 11:43 Rispondi
  • Mic_28

    Thanks ^^

    24 Ago 13:01 Rispondi
  • roundtableism

    The motion capture is really just longer exposure. I could imagine painting a scene with a flock of seagulls or something repeatedly diving for fish. Capturing a single bird doing this (needs longer focal lenghts) and abstracting the motion would take copious amounts of luck and might not give the desired results. Ever thought about videographing? Wish I could say I get 9h of sleep. I'm going to bed every day lamenting the fact that I couldn't do more of the things I actually give a shit about because of exhaustion. If at least my reading list got smaller, but no, I keep finding highly interesting material everywhere I go. Curse you, Fripp.

    30 Lug 8:14 Rispondi
  • roundtableism

    Love the soothing pick-me-up voice of Uchu Conbini's vocalist. The guitar harmonies are refreshing too. Just what I needed.

    20 Lug 16:47 Rispondi
  • roundtableism

    It's holiday season but companies still can't seem to relax... makes me wonder what to do after uni, because I reject this kind of lifestyle. I like architecture for similar reasons. It wasn't even my intention to do this sort of work, but I was naturally drawn to the geometrical shapes and clean lines. I'm trying to do moodier and more abstract images now because I want to broaden my horizon. For capturing the motion of water (or generally doing longer exposures), you can use neutral density filters - those are cheap thankfully. I'll listen to Uchu Conbini when I'm at home. Bands like American Football, Tangled Hair or even Enemies are great for "those" kinds of moods. Thanks for your kind words, it's always great to her someone appreciate things of your own liking!

    17 Lug 7:02 Rispondi
  • eyemdastrongest

    That's deep dude.

    7 Lug 6:48 Rispondi
  • eyemdastrongest


    6 Lug 15:48 Rispondi
  • roundtableism

    Hey man, sorry for the late reply. I've been terribly busy with finals and stuff. Music-wise, I'm still trying to build a foundation when it comes to playing. Not even listening to much at the moment because silence is nice too. I've changed the link to my photohost and a selection of shots. It linked to my blog prior to that. I have a habit of hating on my own creations after a day or two, so I can't say I share your view, but thanks a lot for looking - I'm glad someone likes it. It is pretty much technique only. Honestly, you can do quite stunning photography with an iPhone camera even... that said, I have a small intermediate model. Better cameras present you with more possibilities, but it is always up to the individual to make something of the given envelope. If you feel like trying to take pictures again someday, I can send you some resources.

    1 Lug 11:25 Rispondi
  • Zeldaru

    Wow I never saw that until just now. I enjoyed the DKC soundtracks, so I'm sure it's right up my alley. (How's it going, by the way?)

    16 Giu 14:31 Rispondi
  • roundtableism

    Should I ever feel the need for deletion, I'll let you know first. Someone I used to talk to deleted his account recently out of habit. Kinda sad when all those shouts just vanish. Of all Dino songs, I think Little Fury Things is still what comes closest to noise heaven for me. The solo on I Don't Wanna Go There is mind blowing, though. It goes on forever. I've finally discovered Joy Division for myself. Never been a fan of punk or heavily punk influenced music, simply for the (often purposeful) lack of musicality, but these guys manage to build a peculiar connection. Any bands of that era you're into? All of Asano's works are on my list. I just have to decide on an order. AFAIK, BLAME has like three lines of text and relies solely on visuals to tell the story, so it shouldn't be a long read. I've given up on physical copies, since almost everything seems to be butchered.

    10 Giu 21:36 Rispondi
  • roundtableism

    Because the positioning dosn't change, you can also conclude a pattern of root notes. See here. You're Living All Over Me is a great record in my opinion, so I recommend checking it out again when you're in the mood for fuzz and loud guitars. Mascis has an acoustic album which hits pretty close to home too. There's almost 30 years between those albums, though. The guy is hilarious in interviews. Cool, I've rediscovered Disintegration for myself recently. Not finished with Punpun yet, but soon. Before Dawn and the End of the World is next, maybe. The show doesn't cover much and is all CGI. Definitely read it. I'm still missing BLAME! though, which is Nihei's more famous sci-fi work.

    30 Mag 10:26 Rispondi
  • roundtableism

    The major/minor scale is the center piece of harmonics in western music. That's where the 'dia', meaning two, in diatonic comes from. If you've got the formula down, you can apply it to any root you want and it will always "sound" the same, except for having a higher or lower pitch. Same with minor. Difficulty comes with harmonizing said scales - forming chords - in an appropriate manner and recognizing them. Yet more difficulty comes with the use of modes, which are basically another eight scales within the scales that only shift the formula a little. This is covered pretty well in the book so I'll not go into that. I don't know about tips, but what I find really helpful is realizing how the fretboard is layed out. When you play a note on any string, the note positioned above it is exactly a perfect fourth away, except when going from the g to b string, where it's a major third. This makes it easier to form a scale across the board.

    30 Mag 10:04 Rispondi
  • roundtableism

    Excuse the bad grammar and typos - I haven't slept much lately.

    27 Mag 20:49 Rispondi
  • roundtableism

    Don't really have any experience playing anything aside of my small Vox modeling amp. I've tried an Orange bass amp once. It was fun, but I can't really say anything about the sound, when it comes to the bass. I'm sure tubes give great sound, but you need to crank them and they have no headphone jack, which simply won't fly in apartments. I'm currently re-reading vol 10 of Punpun and I got to admire the authors genius in stimulating utter despair. Haven't heard about that movie adaption, but the work seems interesting. Maybe it's in the same vain as Knights of Sidonia, which I've read recently. Was fun. Man, I'm listening to lots of alternative rock at the moment and god damnit - Dinosaur Jr.'s J. Mascis completely incinerated my ears with his guitar playing and song writing. Never have I heard such natural, melodious soloing. The guy immediately shot at the top of my list of stellar guitarists and is now drinking tea with Wes Montgomery.

    27 Mag 8:59 Rispondi
  • roundtableism

    Yeah, scales are handy. For me, the whole guitar thing is still mostly a matter of practicing sight reading. The theory basics now help me in deducing what it even is that I'm playing. As in, I recognize chord voicings and notice progressions etc. I find this really makes a difference and takes the mechanical aspect out of learning how to play. I'll be honest here - I can't stand Strats. They may be ideal in playability and, to many, sound, but I just never liked looking at them. I've always adored that weird simplicity in Teles, so that's what I want to go for know. I also have a thing for Jazzmasters, because a ton of my favourite bands use them for that huge sound, even though I'm averse to their looks. Don't like SGs much either. Always remind me of Angus Young. To LPs, I'm kind of indifferent. Loved them for some time, but like you said, the mahogany body makes them really clunky. Still, all of those would be more suitable than my Jackson.

    27 Mag 8:39 Rispondi
  • roundtableism

    Glad you like it. His Hendrix covers in particular are neat, I agree. I've finally finished the music theory book and am slowly playing through the Berklee workbook now in order to build some actual playing skill. Also trying to sell my guitar because it screams metal and I just want something simple and versatile, preferably an affordable Tele. Selling things really, really sucks here. Have you finished Punpun yet? Being in the mood for manga recently, I've caught up with quite a few works and Punpun is the next, seeing that it's already been completed early this year.

    15 Mag 9:57 Rispondi
  • roundtableism

    Getting into SRV isn't hard, especially not if you dig Hendrix. His Montreaux live is pretty intense, so check it out on YT and see if you can resist. I only have Texas Flood of his studio records, but can recommend that for sure. It's what I think of when I hear "electric blues". I'm swamped in uni work at the moment, so my guitar isn't seeing too much use but I'm keeping at it.

    23 Apr 8:35 Rispondi
  • roundtableism

    I've lost the callouses long ago. I still don't even practice enough to regain them, but I want to wrap my head around theory before really digging into the guitar anyway. If I do practice, I use the online metronome to keep time. I think I can recommend Tom Kolb's books, most notably Music Theory for Guitarists. There are pdfs. Ha, what a coincidence. I've been on a St. Vincent spree too ever since I've seen coverage of their new album. Honestly though, I think this session is their best work so far. The studio recording of Strange Mercy is weaker and lacks the subtleties, in my opinion, and the self titled I'm just not sure about. Annie Clark is mesmerizing. I only knew about Miles respecting him, which says a lot, but haven't heard about that jam. It would've been stellar, I'm sure. I happen to be on a Jimi and SRV wave right now. Fripp is playing his own tuning, by the way, thus the extended range and peculiar sound.

    7 Apr 15:40 Rispondi
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