Death Cab For Cutie


Lug 12 2008, 23:52

So I admit it. I love Death Cab for Cutie. They're one of my favorites. I got a bunch of their stuff when Plans came out, and fell in love with that album and Transatlanticism. Then the band and I fell apart for a while until Narrow Stairs came out, which I listened the crap out of, especiallyCath... and No Sunlight.

Because of the wonderful tracks I found on Narrow Stairs, I went back to see if their older stuff was just as great. For some reason, initially, I wasn't as enamored with it, but then I listened a little closer, and with headphones. I hate to use the phrase again, but Plans really is a headphones album, like DCFC said. Soul Meets Body, We Looked Like Giants, and Marching Bands of Manhattan were my favorite older tracks.

By pure accident, I typed Daft Cab For Cutie into Google, and realized that Daft Punk mixing Death Cab For Cutie could be really great. But I didn't find that, I found Blake Jarrell's masterpiece, Marching Bands of Manhattan (Blake Jarrell's Pacha NYC Remix), which is pretty much the reason I wrote this entire journal entry. Maybe somebody might see it, and tell their friends too. Because It's wonderful, and deserves spreading. Unfortunately, I couldn't find the 8 minute version like on YouTube, or the 8:41 version that claims to be on, just a 6:02 version that appears to cut off in the middle of the end. So if anybody can find the long version, they would be my friend forever if they shouted me out or PM'd me or something. Yeah. Fun stuff.


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