The Night Worker Reviews: Little Mix- Cannonball


Gen 8 2012, 4:30

I noticed that 'Damien Rice' was trending on Twitter. I'm rather a fan of the man's music and got a moment of excitement from the prospect of more music from the guy. But no, it is because 'Cannonball' has been covered by newly crowned X-Factor winners, Little Mix.

So I thought I'd have a listen. Honestly not knowing what to expect. And so that if it is awful, you won't have to! I wrote as I went, so here is my live review of my first listen to their version.

0:00- They've gone for the traditional a cappella opener- That says "I can sing actually" even though it's got more autotune and reverb than Hugh Hefner does 'snuggle partners'. It's alright I guess, more


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