Maxwell performed at the BET Awards in the Al Green Tribute


Giu 25 2008, 3:12


I almost LOST it when the dude broke into his falsetto voice. I was like HOW DOES HE DO IT?


Thank you, Maxwell, for loving Al Green to the core to sing and claim his own song (Simply Beautiful) in front of him at the Al Green Tribute at the 2008 BET Awards. I think Al got a little kick from it and loved your rendition.

On that note, do you (I'm talking to YOU, MAXWELL!) mind recording it as a single and including it on Black Summer's Night (BSN) if the CDs are not already printed?

If not, please release your rendition of, Simply Beautiful, as a single. PRETTY PLEASE. I mean your fans are dying for your new album and we know this is all up to Columbia to release your voice but man, how much LONGER DO WE HAVE TO WAIT?! I will BUY it! You know I will brother!

So, COLUMBIA Records..

I am on my KNEES BEGGING for you to release Maxwell's new album before I turn 40. That is in 6 years! Please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I promise also to go to Maxwell's concerts in New York City if this happens too and I can get tickets. I will also buy merchandise. So, with these promises, please consider dropping Maxwell's album. PLEASE (I am bitting my finger nails off in anticipation of Black Summer's Night)

Thank you, BET, for including Maxwell in the tribute. I needed my Maxwell fix and you delivered it perfectly!


Al GreenSimply Beautiful


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