Happy Holidays to my Last.fm Family here! (and anyone else who reads?!)


Dic 23 2007, 6:20

You guys are the best! I cannot believe I have been TOTALLY addicted to http://www.last.fm since February of this year. Not a dull moment. Never am I bored for I always finding new and exciting things to do here on my little corner of http://www.last.fm

To honor all of you, I decided to make a www.meez.com which is this little character to the left of my profile, but I decided to do a journal too.

I am inserting the same picture here:

When I made my picture I was thinking of Run DMC's Christmas in Hollis!

On that note, here is the jam and enjoy your holiday season:


Christmas in Hollis


  • 8thlight

    I love that song!

    Dic 23 2007, 6:23
  • 2Serenity

    Ha ha. Me too! =) Blessings to u my friend!

    Dic 23 2007, 8:04
  • MzPopMusic

    Schweet!!! Thanks for the gift! =)

    Dic 23 2007, 8:15
  • 2Serenity

    {{MZPOPMusic}} Hey lady!! Love ur new picture! Stay beautiful, sis!1 =)

    Dic 23 2007, 8:15
  • llehcin

    You took me back...way back. Oh, the days of rockin' Adidas, Gazelles, Kangols, big gold chains, and boom boxes. The 80's was a crazy decade.

    Dic 23 2007, 14:30
  • 2Serenity

    Haha ..ur visual description made me think of the movie, Breakin. Love u, sis!

    Dic 23 2007, 22:19
  • shesgotcheek

    Happy Christmas! And that Meez is supercute, I'mma have to do one of those ASAP.

    Dic 25 2007, 2:15
  • tstarkmi

    Oh yes, Christmas In Hollis is a genuine standard. Have a great one! And thanks for the Chrisette Michelle reco this year, what an album!

    Dic 25 2007, 2:56
  • 2Serenity

    @shesgotcheek - u gotta get one for sure! =) @tstarkmi - my HIP HOP buddy 4 life. What's up in Detroit?! No problem in sharing the love. U deserve the best! Smiles - Jennifer =)

    Dic 25 2007, 3:08
  • 2Serenity

    Don't worry about that! =) U too kind! Enjoy your holidays, tha 45th! =)

    Dic 26 2007, 3:34
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