• something negative about the top 20 - cara did it again, so I did it again

    Set 29 2009, 2:06

    Something negative about my top 20, redone again because I felt like it:

    20. The Pixies – I have to be in the right mood to listen to them and it doesn’t happen super often.

    19. Pearl Jam – I don’t listen to them that much anymore? I think I said that last time, hahaha, how are they still in my top 20? I like them, but I haven’t listened to them heavily since about tenth grade.

    18. Weezer – Make Believe sucks, most of the Red Album sucks, most of Maladroit sucks, and I’m not super hopeful for the new album. Give me a reason to believe, Rivers.

    17. Nirvana – their frontman married Courtney Love, which reflects somewhat poorly on his judgment.

    16. David Bowie – I mainly just like Ziggy Stardust and a few scattered singles; also, as Cara said, Lady Gaga MAY be out-fiercing him.

    15. Sublime – My iPod freezes whenever I try to play anything from 40 Oz. to Freedom, which sucks. Also, I don’t like the “reprise” version of “What I Got,” but that’s the one that’s always played on the radio.

    14. Cake – I guess their stuff has a tendency to run together after a while. Tom finds them annoying. That mainly just makes me love them more, though.

    13. The Replacements – they have given me what I fear is an unrealistic picture of how awesome a place Minnesota is.

    12. U2 – I go back and forth all the time about whether or not Bono irritates me. Well, he sort of does, but I like enough of his music that it’s not a big deal.

    11. Radiohead – I find it difficult to get into Kid A and all the stuff that’s just, as I once put it to Sam, “Thom Yorke wailing over beeping noises.” Give me The Bends all day.

    10. Fountains of Wayne – the newest album (Traffic and Weather is still the latest one, right?) has a little too much mellower/less distinctive stuff for my liking.

    9. Elvis Costello – this is difficult, since there is absolutely nothing wrong with Elvis Costello. Oh, I know! He’s so much older than me that it’ll never be socially acceptable for us to get married.

    8. The White Stripes – they’re from Detroit, which is a terrible place.

    7. Foo Fighters – they never, ever make a consistent album. There are at least two or three songs on each of their albums that I don’t like at all, even after repeated listens.

    6. Red Hot Chili Peppers – they never come to Pittsburgh, the bitches.

    5. The Libertines – they broke up before I ever got to see them. Also, they rip off the Clash and sometimes the Smiths pretty ruthlessly but that is exactly why I love them.

    4. The Clash – errr. SURVEY, YOU KNOW I CAN NEVER THINK OF ANYTHING BAD TO SAY ABOUT THE CLASH. I’ll go with what I said last time, Cut the Crap should never have been released. Oh also, they should have marked the pier where they filmed the London Calling video clearly so that I could have known for sure I was there when I was in London this summer, instead of just wandering around Chelsea.

    3. The Beatles – everyone thinks “Something” is a really great song, and I don’t. I love George in general though, he’s my favorite.

    2. Dropkick Murphys – besides the fact that I can never marry Al Barr? Uhhh. They’re huge Bruins fans and the Bruins are a joke, who didn’t win the Stanley Cup last year, because the Penguins did.

    1. Green Day – errrrf. 21st Century Breakdown isn’t quite as good as American Idiot? I don’t know if that’s even true, though, I think I’m just at a different place as a music fan right now than I was when AI came out. I mean, it was eighth grade. When I listen to it now, sometimes it’s not even so much as an album as of a relic of junior high, so of course I’m going to put it up on a pedestal of sorts. (It is a fucking great album though.) Oh, and I thought we agreed, Billie, that you’d quit it with the damn eyeliner already.
  • Be Negative about your Top 20

    Ott 21 2007, 1:42

    A good way to put off doing homework!

    20. The Who. I've never thought Tommy was as great as people say. And actually I don't have THAT much by them, I just had a phase where I listened to Who's Next nonstop.

    19. U2They can be annoyingly earnest, as everyone knows. Also I'm annoyed with Bono at the moment because Billie Joe Armstrong has a man-crush on him and I'm afraid he's going to turn Green Day into U2. And no one wants that.

    18. Talking Heads. Hm. I can't really think of much I have against them. Too weird at times?

    17. Sublime Brad Nowell was a heroin addict and now he's dead, which is definitely negative.

    16. Ramones Their songs do pretty much consist of all the same three or four chords. Not much artistic growth there. (But that is, after all, the beauty of the Ramones.)

    15.weezer. Two words: Make Believe. Actually, Maladroit too. And the Green Album. Except maybe Hash Pipe.

    14. Cake My brother hates them. hahah. And...they annoy me when I'm in a bad mood?

    13. Radiohead They're in my top 20 on the strength of The Bends, seeing as I couldn't really get into OK Computer *ducks heavy objects thrown by hardcore Radiohead fans*. I have to be in the right mood for Thom Yorke to really speak to me.

    12. Dropkick Murphys. Their early stuff does all sound sort of similar, a lot of the songs run together for me.

    11. Pearl Jam. Again, has to be the right day. I'm sort of in an off phase with them right now.

    10. The Beatles. Ringo's a shite drummer. hahah. And the White Album would have been better as a single album, like most doubles.

    9. The Replacements Damn, this is hard. I guess you could say one I know likes them, so I have nobody to talk to about them.

    8. The White Stripes. They get thrown in with all the other lesser "ALTERNATIVE" bands of the day, which is lame, although it does mean that they get played on the radio.

    7. Nirvana Kurt Cobain, the voice of a generation? I dunno about that one. Most of his lyrics make no sense at all and...Nevermind is talked about way too much in Rolling Stone. (I realize this isn't the band's fault but it was an easy way to avoid my usual anti-Nirvana rant which believe me, you don't want me to go into.)

    6. Fountains of Wayne. The only thing wrong with Fountains of Wayne is that they have never played a private show at my house.

    5. Foo Fighters. I can't seem to get into the new album. At all. Every time I try I wind up putting The Colour and the Shape back on instead.

    4. Green Day oh noes teh pop-punk!!1 They rip off a lot of older bands (the weirdest one I've noticed: the vocal melody in "Rest" is lifted directly from U2's "Trip Through Your Wires". "angellll...") and wish they were the Buzzcocks and/or the Clash and they've inspired a lot of mind-numbingly awful followers. (D'you know how painful it was to write that about a band that changed my life profoundly?)

    3. Red Hot Chili Peppers By the Way is downright boring, and there's enough filler on Stadium Arcadium to choke an army of horses. Also, Anthony's new mustache is a very bad idea.

    2.The Libertines Very derivative of the Clash, the Kinks, every British band in history, etc etc. (Which is probably why I love them.)

    1. The Clash There is one, and only one, thing I have to say against the Clash: they kept trying to be THE CLASH after sacking Mick Jones! And look how that turned out! (Cut the Crap *cringe*)