The shuffle test


Apr 16 2007, 19:19

20 questions game
Put your music player on shuffle, and write the 1st 20 songs that come up, then answer the questions.

20 random songs:
1. Restless Heart

2. Sleep

3. Don't Tell Me

4. Sure

5. The Absolution (Locking Up the Sun Remix)

6. Toy Soldiers

7. Human

8. Believe in Me

9. Desire

10. Papa Don't Preach

11. Killing Me Softly

12. Whole World To Save

13. The Different Story (World of Lust and Crime)

14. Robot Rock

15. I Think I'm in Love with You

16. Locking Up the Sun

17. Jack And Diane

18. Seek You Out

19. Nothern Lights

20. Cry For Help

1. Who does 7 remind you of?
None =/ Just that I was very happy 'cause I finally found this song I was looking for xD!

2. What album is 8 from?
It's from Gotta Tell You, her debut album.

3. What is your favourite lyric from 12?
Long as you know which side the sun rises on everyone
Wherever you go you'll understand
Holding the light in the center of your hand.

4. Why do you like 14?
I found it very lively. It always gets me in a good mood ^^.

5. Have you experienced the message behind 6?

6. What is the message behind 20?
It tells some people are used to hiding emotions and pain. And then there's a piece of advice saying they have to release that pain and be able to trust in others willing to help them.

7. Does 13 remind you of anybody?

8. Was 1 released as a single? How did it chart?
It was included in the soundtrack of the movie "The Running Man" (1987), so yes it was released :)

9. A criticism of 9?
A bad one?? Oh no! I have very good impressions of all PotF songs n_n . I love to sing along to this one. ^^

10. How many times have you played 10?
uhh, countless times :)

11. Describe the artist/band who sing 15?
She's the typical pop singer, who tries to be nice and sweet. In fact, I used to hate the song 15, but now I like it xD! Maybe it's just because it begins with a very similar melody like in Jack And Diane.

12. When was 16 released?
November 29, 2006

13. Name 4 other songs by the artist/band who sang 3?
Like a Prayer, Secret, Take a Bow and Vogue

14. How many people were in the band that sang 17?
He's a solo artist, not a band =/

15. Name an album by the artist/band who sang 11?
The Score.

16. When did you first hear 2?
Last year, but I don't remember exactly when =/

17. Share a memory about 4?
A school classmate lent me Greatest Hits, and I knew that song thanks to her ^^

18. Do you fancy the artist/band who sang 19?
Yes, of course. He's really cool and plays the saxo in an elegant and full of energy way.

19. Is 18 an album track, single or b-side?
It's an album track.

20. Have you seen 5 performed live?
No, and I DO WANT TO!!!!


  • Pome_Hudson

    Jjajaj eia ps la q ac tst al ingls y una q los ac al spañol nu+ :P pro m las doy d critik d musik¡¡ XD yaaa =P bueh bss gordaaH

    Apr 21 2007, 21:05
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