Yeah, oki, let's start using this journal feature...


Giu 20 2006, 20:32

Well, I was toying around with using this journal to post my musical happenings (listening habits, not performance/composition), and I decided to bite the bullet and give it a shot.

Sunday, I went to the mall with Kalin and I got some new music. Unforunately, FYE is our only record store where I live, as all the other ones have gone under. And of course FYE caters only to the masses, so I had to do serious digging to get what I was looking some of what I listen to is a little...rare...*cough Fly Pan Am, A Silver Mt. Zion, Do Make Say Think.

Well, anyway, I got 7 new albums, and have been rotating through them as I please:
Youth Oriented
The Peace Between Our Companies
"This Is Our Punk-Rock," Thee Rusted Satellites Gather +Sing,
Day Is Done
Seven Swans
Come On Die Young
In the Aeroplane Over the Sea

Good stuff. I'm especially addicted to Happy Apple and Neutral Milk Hotel at the moment...actually, I've really been spending a lot of time with free jazz. It's good stuff, but it is definitely an acquired taste.


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