Bôa are a British alternative/indie band formed in London in 1993 by drummer Ed Herten.

Their latest album, Get There, was released on February 1, 2005. It took Bôa in a new direction, with more structure in lyrics and melody, as well as a more mellow, yet more harder-edged/indie-rock format. It also had more acoustic elements than the first album.

Bôa were originally a funk band formed in 1993 by drummer Ed Herten, keyboardist Paul Turrell and Steve Rodgers on guitar and vocals.

Alex Caird, who had played with Ed in another band Draggin’ Bones, was soon recruited on bass guitar. Steve’s younger sister, Jasmine Rodgers, was invited to sing the chorus part of one of their first songs called “Fran”, and she soon became the lead singer of the group. Ben Henderson, who had played with Alex in the band Doctor Sky, was recruited shortly afterwards to play saxophone.

Their first live performance was in January 1994 at the London Forum supporting Steve and Jasmine’s father, Paul Rodgers. In the summer of the same year, Ed Herten decided to leave the band to concentrate on his studies, and they recruited a new drummer, Lee Sullivan. He brought a rockier feel to the group’s sound which complemented a natural progression away from funk by the band and a migration from saxophone to guitar by Ben Henderson.

Bôa honed their live performances with many gigs in across the South of England and, in 1996, they accepted a recording contract with a Japanese Company, Polystar. Although the album was recorded and produced in England, Jasmine and Steve traveled to Japan in 1998 to promote their debut album Race of a Thousand Camels, which was released only in that country.

The first single, called “Duvet”, was used as the opening theme of the anime series Serial Experiments Lain.

In 2000, Ben Henderson left the band to concentrate on his other band, Moth, with his wife, singer songwriter Tina. Then, Bôa signed to Geneon (formerly Pioneer), U.S. distributors of Lain, and went to perform a live concert at the Otakon convention in the same year, being well-received.

In 2001, Bôa released their U.S. debut album called Twilight, on Pioneer’s label by Todd Culberhouse with songs from their original Japanese album plus other new tracks, and made their first mini-tour in Los Angeles to promote the album. But in that year they had another loss: Paul Turrell left the band to pursue other interests.

The band started to record their third album in 2003 but was released in 2005, called Get There, and is on sale through Bôa’s official site, the iTunes Store,, and elsewhere.

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