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  • Sutinen


    Aprile 2014
  • IceSpoon

    I don't understand a single word, but I love it.

    Gennaio 2014
  • strom-z

    one of the best ones. and then summa bliss and we bros come... love them

    Febbraio 2012
  • Make_Noise

    after the drums hit it sounds so much like explosions in the sky. but doesn't matter, great song!

    Gennaio 2012
  • inkalot

    they put a crown onto his head and murdered him

    Dicembre 2011
  • lazycats_disya


    Novembre 2011
  • Pomo_00

    wow. the best.

    Agosto 2011
  • minehost

    doesn't exactly matter that the title is capitalised though, does it? best on album imo.

    Luglio 2011
  • igludsss

    Where's Pac gone?

    Giugno 2011
  • Supermacross

    love the organs in this

    Giugno 2011
  • konguru

    Please "Suggest a correction" as : Such A Sad Puppy Dog

    Giugno 2011
  • inparentheses

    i think i 'get it' now

    Giugno 2011