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Venerea started out as Venereal Disease back in 1991, when four guys from school decided to form a band to have something to do in the small westcoastal town of Falkenberg, Sweden. Daniel ”Dana” Johansson (bass), Johan ”Bengan” Bengtsson (vocals/guitar), Mattias ”Talle” Toldbod (drums), & Stefan Stenslund (guitar) set up a rehearsal space on the loft of a friend’s dad’s barn and covered classic eighties punkers such as the Hard-Ons, Gang Green, Bad Religion, and of course the Ramones, as well as some punked-up metal covers. However, Stefan was more into metal than the rest of the band, so he was swiftly replaced by Mikael ”Mike” Persson (vocals/bass), who the guys met at Psychotic Youth’s brilliant 100th gig. Since he had a year or so more bass experience than Dana, the latter switched to guitar, and the two immediately started writing songs of their own, then more often than not dealing with the timeless issues of porn & beer.

The first thirty self-penned numbers or so were cut for two legendary demos, ”From Beer To Eternity” (’92), & ”The Second Cuming of Venereal Disease” (’93), that attracted enough attention to get them their first record deal. Before recording the first of three mini-cd’s for the now defunct Swedish label Brööl, the band shortened their moniker to Venerea, the name of a rocket that the US were supposed to have sent up in the sixties to penetrate the planet Venus and find out what it is made of. ”Hullabaloo” (’94) is one of the worst debuts ever released, and is now out of print forever and ever, amen. The band recorded two more MCD:s for the Brööl label, the classic ”Shake Your Booty” (’95) & the ill-fated ”Swollen” (’96).


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