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Velcra is a Finnish heavy metal / electronic music group established 1999. Their music features female vocals (both clean and distorted) on a background of heavily distorted guitars and marching beats with heavy use of sample loops and could be defined as industrial metal or rap-metal. They soon signed to Virgin Records to release a full-length CD. In 2002, Velcra released their debut CD, Consequences of Disobedience. The singles “Can’t Stop Fighting” and “My Law” helped the band rise to #5 on the Finnish charts. Velcra also released single CDs for the songs “Big Brother” and “Test Animals”. In 2005, the band released their second full-length CD, Between Force and Fate, and the single “Our Will Against Their Will” hit #3 on the Finnish charts. Since then, the band has made two more music videos, one for “Memory Loss” and one for “The Bong Song”. Between Force and Fate is unlike Consequences of Disobedience in that the band dropped the catchy pop choruses from their music altogether. This gives the album a much heavier sound, which is evident in songs such as “For My Loneliness I Pay”. In June 2006, drummer Mikko Herranen left the band to be with his other band, Rust. On 30 May 2007 Velcra released their third album Hadal in Finland and on iTunes. Videos of “Quick and Dirty” and “Dusk Becomes a Dawn” were released in 2007. The latter song has also been released as a single. In early 2008 Tomi Koivusaari left and Timo Hänninen joined the band.


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