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Tsunami is no more an active band, after 5 years we quit. our affinity and strenght isn’t the same as in the past. this is the main reason of the split.

memories of great experiences remains, some of the best moments of our lives, more than 40 gigs, an italian mini-tour, a demo cd, a full lenght cd, many compilations. thanks to all the people that helped and supported us, and to all the friends we met in these years.

regret remains, for what we haven’t been able to do. but soon or late something new will born. no doubt about it.

Tsunami born in winter 2002. They play old school hardcore from Turin (Italy) with some touches of melody. They already released a totally DIY cd-r containing 4 songs and stancil printed case.

Now after four year they finally reach a maturity in their technique that well-established them in the hardcore scene. This thanks also to many gigs played out from Turin (they’re just back from a south italy tour).

This maturity stand out in their first full length (co-released and distributed by as far as 17 italian DIY labels!!). Fourteen alarmingly original songs. Some parts seems to follow the classical “torino hardcore” sound, others falls in the so called post-hardcore. But we can’t forgot melodic hc, metal and crust influences. It’s difficoult to compare them to other bands. It’s difficoult to explain exactly what they do. Maybe this is the sign of their maturity. Don’t let it slip through your fingers!


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