• Fun but Wet

    Ago 16 2008, 13:06 di thebrucewayne

    Fri 15 Aug – Toby Keith, Montgomery Gentry

    Great crowd, pouring rain, for the first half anyway. Not a huge Toby Keith fan but his thunderous vocals were something to be experienced. I thought the show was a little too structured, as each of his popular songs were sung along with a video, so I don't think he had much room to improvise besides saying "Virginia Beach!" a couple times. He also sang Beer For My Horses with a Willie Nelson video. I think I would've rather seen him sing it with a real person standing in for Willie, but again the concert structure probably wouldn't allow it. Virginia Beach being a very large military community, and the huge response he got for his songs, like Courtesy Of The Red, White And Blue (The Angry American), I would've thought he would have sang that song again or improvised it some, but again... structure... It was a good night of , , , and even a little -- During a small break in Toby's format…
  • Food and Drink Related Songs

    Giu 20 2008, 5:05 di echa83

    A good title complements a song, they said, but what about a song with food or drink in its title? Have you ever noticed that a song that’s humming in your ears at the moment mentions a food or drink in the title? How many are there, you ask? Apparently, there are a lot of them. So, what's with all these food and drink related songs? What are the stories behind these titles? What does the title mean? Does the title relate to the lyrics? What makes an artist came up with a thought "Uh, Quiche Lorraine sounds cool, why not create a song about it?" (little did I know, it’s actually a song about a pooch and has nothing to do with a certain classic French egg dish), or even with the craziest title you wouldn’t ever think of before, like this one, “The Half-Eaten Sausage Would Like to See You in His Office”? Who would ever think a song with such title really exists? Well, these might be some questions that cross our minds when we find one. …
  • Thursday day.

    Apr 20 2006, 20:26 di sdhfjk

    Beer For My Horses is what I am listening to right now on my iPod, seeing as I'm at school. It would be nice to listen to it on the computer out loud and sing along but I don't feel much like making a fool of myself at the moment.

    I got to sleep in this morning, because I forgot to bring back my permission form for the pitch 'n putt field trip we were going on in pe. I really wanted to go, but oh well. We're going to the golf course Monday, which is good enough for me. I woke up at around quarter after nine, had a shower, and got ready. I also got yelled at because my mother figured I would be late but I left the house at ten after ten and caught the bus. Got to school after announcements were over and then when I got to acting we were going to the auditorium to watch a guest speaker. Wow, was she ever good. She lost her twin sister the day after their birthday to excessive speeding. Very sad, it brought tears to my eyes. And she also gave us the three P's, to help us out when we're in a car that is speeding. …