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Thursday è una rock band Americana nata in Dumont, New Jersey nel 1997. E’ composta da
+Geoff Rickly - Voce e autore dei testi
+Tom Keeley - Chitarra e seconda voce
+Steve Pedulla - chitarra e seconda voce
+Tim Payne - basso
+Tucker Rule - batteria
+Andrew Everding - tastiera, sintetizzatore e seconda voce


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  • mozzareIIa

    me too last album is fantastic.. and this production <3

    29 Giu 15:53 Rispondi
  • NamTkn

    I'd really like to see these guys live again. It's been too long.

    26 Mag 0:06 Rispondi
  • skeletocat

    that's just how dave fridmann produces dude (he made the last 3 albums better for it)

    23 Mag 4:24 Rispondi
  • TheShadowstorm

    Would have been great if their albums weren't casualties of the loudness war - especially evident in A City by the Light Divided.

    12 Mag 15:07 Rispondi
  • knight_88

    Will always be one of my favorite post-hardcore bands!

    4 Mag 7:04 Rispondi
  • DarkMessengerVI

    Rape Me sounds awesome, Geoff Rickly has the perfect voice!

    27 Apr 19:30 Rispondi
  • skeletocat


    25 Apr 8:19 Rispondi
  • skeletocat

    apparently it was the last song they recorded? kind of doubt it.

    22 Apr 2:07 Rispondi
  • BlackInsaneFox

    Hope, their appear on Nirvana's tribute album means Thursday's reunion.

    20 Apr 5:11 Rispondi
  • nomadicherder

    V I agree completely, Thursday is one of the only bands from my post-hardcore/emo music days that I not only can stand, but still enjoy and appreciate. I actually might appreciate them more now than I ever did.

    2 Apr 4:31 Rispondi
  • KingHeff

    thursday was honestly our generation's fugazi and it still blows my mind how underappreciated they still are, even after the ashes of the band have settled from their nuclear deconstruction of post-hardcore...i just tried to listen to a thrice song after like 7 years and had to turn it off halfway through because it was so repulsive, yet thursday was, is and always will be an eternal meeting of minds that really had something to *bring* to a genre, and i'll forever get emotional thinking about them

    1 Apr 3:29 Rispondi
  • BreakfastPills

    Just can't get tired of Full Collapse.

    1 Apr 0:58 Rispondi
  • legavin

    Finch and Alexisonfire sucks shit, can't even compare to Thursday or FBTMOF.

    29 Mar 6:33 Rispondi
  • HorrorChemical

    They were getting so good, and then they stopped.

    28 Mar 13:31 Rispondi
  • sraahjean

    yaaa throwback

    27 Mar 19:57 Rispondi
  • Alex_Trap

    definitely looking forwards to hearing that

    24 Mar 5:24 Rispondi
  • oneupsalesman

    They've got a cover of 'Rape Me' coming out on a Nirvana tribute compilation along with Circa Survive and Daughters, amongst other bands. It's most likely something they've had recorded for a while, but it's still very cool.

    12 Mar 22:41 Rispondi
  • shotvan

    thank you for everything

    28 Feb 21:54 Rispondi
  • ChrisFallout

    They have the best song titles.

    27 Feb 5:24 Rispondi
  • PutridBastard

    Thursday, Thrice, Alexisonfire, Fear Before the March of Flames, The Blood Brothers, and Finch all need to come back and save us from the generic breakdowns of modern music [9]

    26 Feb 9:01 Rispondi
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