• CMW / Music Store Galore

    Mag 18 2009, 14:50 di Teishi

    So. Despite my loathing for "the industry" (or The Copyright Mafia) I actually went and bought a spankin' new Nokia 5800 Comes With Music-bundled hi-tec toy. I estimate the CMW / free-access to Nokia Music Store cost me roughly €150 - but goddammit if it wasn't worth it.

    Before I actually lost my marbles completely and went and bought it (or ordered it rather, seems hardly any stores actually stock the CMW bundle) I browsed through the 'Store and noticed Front Line Assembly, Chemlab and Diatribe - stuff I've already got, granted, but I had to start somewhere. Had a more thorough look and discovered heaps of industrial/industrial rock/industrial metal/industrial dance type stuff. And was hooked. Major kudos to who-ever stocks the store.

    Thought I'd post the industrial-ish stuff I've down'd so far (split into guitar-based and electro-based for convenience). A lot of this I haven't had time to check out properly yet, but I'm getting there.

  • THE BLUE WALL: Power Metal

    Dic 17 2008, 1:21 di maidenhell

    Power Radio

    Power metal is today associated with an epic sound tempered by characteristics of speed metal, power metal's musical forerunner. Power metal's lyrical themes, though as varied as metal itself, typically focus on fantasy and mythology (eg. , Rhapsody of Fire, Blind Guardian, Falconer , Domine, camaraderie and hope (eg. DragonForce, Stratovarius, Helloween, Gamma Ray, Hammerfall, Lost Horizon, Highland Glory, Sabaton), personal struggles and emotions (eg. X JAPAN, Primal Fear, Sonata Arctica, Evergrey) war and death (eg. Manowar, Sabaton, Iced Earth) or combinations of the listed themes. The prevalence of these lyrical themes span across the many languages power metal is performed in (eg. Angra (Portuguese), Darksun (Spanish). Many typical metal themes such as anti-religion and politics are comparatively rare but not unheard of.

    Power metal is highly focused on the vocalist, with "clean" vocals being much more prevalent than the growling vocals often associated with death metal and black metal. …