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20 Feb 2012 | da

Come Back to You - The Sleeping Lions

I wish your eyes would glow the same as they did before today,
And darling, you know they will. 
And every time you take it in your stride,
It’s like I would have died without you by my side.

And somehow you’re always right.

That’s when I left you tonight at the window getting colder,
I think I said too much.
And then I tried your front door, called your number,
You were by the window.
And all along you knew I’d come back to you.

I wish your eyes would catch alight,
Like paper lanterns in the night.
Oh you know they will shine bright.
Yeah I’m a train wreck, a big mess,
And what I like is you don’t think less of me, at all.

And somehow we’ll take the fall.

Make or break, you know I’m sorry.
Is it too late to come back crawling now?

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