The Red Paintings are an Orchestral art rock band based in Los Angeles, California, originally formed 1999 in Geelong, Victoria but have been based over the last few years in Brisbane, Australia. The band consists of lead vocalist\songwriter Trash McSweeney on guitar, sequencing and samples, Trash also is the brainchild behind all the bands stage and musical concepts. Current touring line up is Ellen Stancombe (violin, vocals); Mike Langdale (bass), Andy Davis (drums) and David Sue Yek (Cello).

The band is known for their unique, confronting and intense themed performances incorporating elements of theatre and art, often dubbed “orchestral sci-fi art rock”. Band members often dress in elaborate themed costumes, ranging from geisha outfits, alien costumes and more recently, sea creature\Neptune themes. They employ elaborate and eccentric stage props to support their shows, varying from virgin mary statues, giant robots, children toys, Tim Burton-themed props and self-made video projections. They often invite members of the audience to paint on blank canvasses during their shows, and sometimes ‘human canvasses’ are painted on instead.

The band has a strong underground fanbase in Australia and the USA, and their debut studio album is being produced almost entirely on fan donations. Their many costumes, props and street performances are often organised and produced with help from their large volunteer street teams. They are recently also known for their vocal support of animal rights issues, and in particular, the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society.

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