• Synopsis Week #14 (sans iPod) - 30/03/08/-06/04/08...

    Apr 7 2008, 18:09 di quimtessence

    Well, a week with a threshold track. Will miracles of the wildly outlandish sort never cease? Ladies & ladies, the number 40,000: T. Rex - Children Of The Revolution.

    And That's Not All! Yes! I've made it to another threshold: & the 41,000th track played is: The Beatles - Yellow Submarine (appropriate!).

    Also: It seem sometime around Thursday/Friday the Overall Artists and Tracks Charts have started updating on a daily basis. I don't know what's up with this new wave of positive change and improvement in the services offered here, but I Am Not Complaining.

    And now... But wait! I need to first say this week was all about listening to as much music as I could by any means possible, including lack of sleep and not getting out of the house unless it was for basics like toilet paper. I guess it paid off. However, this cannot compare to my high school days, when I was at school for 6-7 hours, then the whole day the computer would be playing music until midnight or later (gotta study for those pesky finals). So yeah.