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The Frozen Autumn


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In 1993 DIEGO MERLETTO formed THE FROZEN AUTUMN. At the very beginning this was just DIEGO’s solo project but ,after few months CLAUDIO BROSIO took part of the group as session guitar player; in 1994 the first demotape “OBLIVION”was released and after a little bit of time the first cd “PALE AWAKENING” was released in 1995 for a German label. Several concerts, many contributions to various compilations as “L’APPEL DE LA MUSE” and very good reviews in several “GOTHIC -WAVE” magazines helped THE FROZEN AUTUMN to become very well known to the “DARK-ROMANTIC” music lovers. Diego spent three years on a long musical research work, at the end of which the Italian label EIBON RECORDS printed THE FROZEN AUTUMN ‘s second cd titled “FRAGMENTS OF MEMORIES”. This cd was released at the end of 1997 in a valuable digipack envelope with booklet.
In 1998 DIEGO formed STATIC MOVEMENT with ARIANNA a.k.a FROXEANNE; this is a real “ELECTRO COLD WAVE DUO” which has released in 1999 a cd digipack+booklet titled”VISIONARY LANDSCAPES”,again with EIBON RECORDS. The musical style of STATIC MOVEMENT is not so different from THE FROZEN AUTUMN, but in this case only electronic instruments are used to create a more complex and fine sound; there is also the good novelty of ARIANNA’s voice that catalyzes the attention of the listeners with its beautiful timbre in addition to DIEGO’s .

In June 2000, the re-print of “PALE AWAKENING” was released under the title of “THE PALE COLLECTION”, asserting THE FROZEN AUTUMN as DIEGO’s solo project.
Now THE FROZEN AUTUMN is a real group definitively formed by DIEGO and ARIANNA while STATIC MOVEMENT will exclusively remain their “concept research project” !!


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